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Norfolk School’s lifelong approach to reading earns praise from Minister of State

Aldborough Primary school achieves 100% in reading tests

A governmAldborough Primary School Head Teacher Tina Casburn with children from Class 2 and their teacher Courtenay Castonent minister of state has written to a North Norfolk primary school to praise its high standards in reading.

Aldborough Primary School, which lies between Aylsham and Holt, achieved 100% in its key stage 2 reading tests.  The Rt Hon Nick Gibb MP, minister of state for school standards, noted that the result put Aldborough in the top 1% of schools nationally.

“Thank you for your hard work and professionalism in producing such high standards,” he said in his letter to head teacher Tina Casburn, “and congratulations to you and your staff for all you have achieved.”  (more…)

Refrigeration and free school meals

Advice from Williams Refrigeration

Williams prep well is ideal for smaller kitchensThe free school meals initiative will place extra pressure on catering staff and kitchen equipment – none more so than refrigeration.

Every infant school could need extra refrigeration.  Sources have suggested that some schools may opt to offer packed lunches which will have to be stored safely, too.  Whatever the menu, schools are likely to need extra refrigerated storage.  So what are the options?

A major factor for many schools will be lack of kitchen space.  “What school caterers will need is more refrigerated storage, fitted into as small a space as possible,” says Malcolm Harling, sales and marketing director of Williams.  “Manufacturers are responding to the challenge by designing refrigeration, including coldrooms and counters, with similar capacity in a smaller footprint.  For example, our Jade Slimline counters have all the features of the standard range but with a reduced depth of just 500mm, making them ideal for compact kitchens.”  (more…)

Brilliant warewashers go to school

Winterhalter’s new PT Series warewashers offer schools a fast, exceptionally clean wash while keeping costs down

Winterhalter's new PT Series tick all the right boxesA recent poll collated by the Children’s Food Trust shows that school meal take-up in England is on the rise for the fourth year in a row*. The knock on effect of this is that there is escalating pressure on the warewashing side of the catering operation to cope with increased throughput while keeping costs down.

Winterhalter’s new PT Series passthrough warewashers tick all the boxes for money conscious school catering managers. The machines are energy efficient, fast, clean, with low water consumption, and easy to use – plus, the machine and the wash programmes can be customised to ensure the best possible results, whatever the local conditions and whatever is being washed.  (more…)

Winterhalter’s total warewash solution for schools

z Winterhalter's GS500 'Energy+' can save energy, water & moneyMachine + system + chemicals + service = the ultimate cleaning formula

There’s more to planning a school warewash system than picking the machine – such as working out how to get the dirties to the wash area, and then get them back to the service area when they’re clean.  It’s about creating a system, not just buying a box.

That’s why Winterhalter has launched its total warewash solution for schools.  Winterhalter has the expertise to create the system that will work, from the machines, racks and tabling to the chemicals and after sales support.  (more…)