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The Chef’s Drawer – bulk refrigerated storage, right where you need it

Williams launches versatile, stackable refrigerated drawer unit with R290 refrigerant

Williams’ latest product is a drawer unit that maximises refrigerated storage in any kitchen where space is limited.  Available as either a fridge or a freezer, the Chef’s Drawer accepts 2/1GN pans, up to 150mm deep, and offers a capacity of up to 94litres. (more…)

Precision’s compact, ‘A’ rated undercounter fridge

Practical storage, with low running costs, for where space is at a premium

The latest version of Precision’s compact undercounter, the HPU150, has achieved an A rating for energy efficiency.  Designed to deliver a practical storage solution where space is limited, it has a footprint of only 600x640mm.

The HPU150’s A rating means low power consumption and low running costs – under the Ecolabelling test* it used just 1.27kWh in 24 hours.  It achieves this through a variety of energy saving features including high performance, zero ODP polyurethane insulation, a waste heat recovery condensate vaporiser system, and the Precision electronic controller.


Getting better all the time

Precision has upgraded its space-saving 520 counter refrigeration

Foodservice operators are trying to cut down on kitchen space to make more room out front. More room out front means more customers, more turnover and more profits. But what’s going to take the squeeze in the kitchen? Refrigeration is a vital component of any catering operation, so now Precision has upgraded its narrow profile 520 counters to take advantage of the latest technologies to offer caterers the best refrigeration possible in the littlest space.


Precision refrigerated counter gains A+ energy rating

British manufacturer believes MCU 211 two-door counter offers lowest energy consumption on market

Precision MCU 211 counter with drawersWith running costs of less than £58 per year, the latest Precision MCU 211 refrigeration counter sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency. So much so that it has been awarded an A+ energy rating.

The rating is based on the latest version of TG44 WG2, the draft that will form the basis for the EUP (Eco Design) Directive testing process. “The figures prove our new counter is one of the most energy efficient on the market,” says Precision managing director Nick Williams. “With energy prices rising all the time, this counter delivers big savings for foodservice operators. And those savings will increase over its lifetime.”


Bottle coolers that beat the heat

New British fridges from Precision are happy to work out in the midday sun

Stand Z-L38, Gulfood 2015, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, 8th February – 12th February

Precision launches heat beating bottle coolers at Gulfood 2015A big issue with bottle coolers in outdoor locations in the Middle East is that they just don’t work – the sun is too hot. Now British refrigeration manufacturer Precision has launched a range of bottle coolers designed specifically to cope with the heat – in fact, they’ll operate in ambient temperatures of up to 43°C.


Space Saver Prep Counter

Precision’s mini prep counter fits where space is at a premium

Precision's Space Saver Prep Counter HSS 340 PREP Cover OpenAs kitchen space gets squashed, chefs are looking for equipment that can fit in the smallest of spaces and still do the job. British manufacturer Precision has developed a mini prep counter that, despite having a footprint of less than one square metre, with doors closed, still has room for a worktop, six ingredients wells and 340 litres of cabinet storage space. Plus, its refrigeration will keep chilling even in busy kitchens with ambient temperatures up to 43°C.

The mini prep counter, model HSS 340, is part of Precision’s Space Saver range. As with all Precision designs, it features stainless steel construction throughout. Its iCool controller minimises energy use by learning how the cabinet is being used – the number of door openings during specific periods and so on. It uses this information intelligently, to forecast likely conditions and run as efficiently as possible.


Precision Pioneers New Eco-friendly HFO Refrigerant

Foodservice refrigerant of the future – now available on all Precision refrigerator models

A selection of models from the Precision refrigeration rangeThe foodservice industry has been looking for refrigerants that are greener than traditional HFC refrigerants but also safer than hydrocarbons.  British commercial refrigeration manufacturer Precision has been working with Honeywell on a new HFO-based refrigerant that is not only safer than hydrocarbon, but also has an even lower GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Following extensive tests, Precision is to offer the refrigerant as an option across its refrigerated storage range, from under counter cabinets to blast chillers.


Catering Refrigeration Legislation Update

From CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association

Two important initiatives concerning commercial catering refrigeration will be coming into force in the next year or so, the hugely anticipated Energy Related Products Directive, (formerly the Eco Design Directive) and the revised F Gas Regulations.

The objective of the Energy Related Products Directive is to improve the environmental performance of energy related products (ERPs) through ‘ecodesign.’  One of the key areas being considered is energy labelling.  It would mean that catering equipment would carry labelling similar to that found on domestic equipment, rating it A-G (with A being the most energy efficient).


Free Guide to ‘Essential’ Refrigeration

True updates its handy Essential Refrigeration Product Selector

True has published an updated version of its guide to commercial catering refrigeration.  The new Essential Refrigeration Product Selector includes more details on the most popular types of refrigeration in the UK. In response to industry feedback the company has made the Product Selector easier to use, so readers can be sure of finding out about the best product for their specific application. (more…)