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Vector Four-in-One: four temperatures, four cooking times, four fan speeds, one oven

Radical, compact multi-cook oven from FEM offers kitchen space solution

As the size of kitchens continues to get squeezed, operators are looking for inventive ways to get more production out of less space.  Now FEM has launched a radical solution in the shape of the Vector multi-cook oven, manufactured by Alto Shaam, which offers up to four separate oven chambers in one compact unit.  It’s quick, too, with a special new airflow technology that delivers faster, more even cooking, while its ventless operation, and the fact that it needs no water connection, means it can be placed anywhere. (more…)

Trolleys designed to deliver better banquets

FEM’s banquet trolleys hold up to 192 plates of food, in perfect condition

The perfect banquet needs the prefect food. FEM’s latest heated BQ2 banquet trolleys hold hot food safely, keeping it moist without condensation, even over extended periods. Whether plated or in multiportion pans, the meals stay looking good and flavoursome. FEM offers three sizes of BQ2 trolley, all manufactured by Alto-Shaam, with capacities ranging from 109kg, or 96 covered plates measuring 254mm (10”), up to 218kg, or 192 plates. (more…)

A banqueting solution you can bank on

FEM’s Alto-Shaam range of heated banquet carts – a solution for all types of operation

fems-largest-alto-shaam-banquet-cart-the-192-modelThe key to a successful banqueting operation is holding food in bulk quantities at the optimum temperature prior to serving. The right equipment does this without compromising on quality and taste.

FEM’s Alto-Shaam range of mobile heated banquet carts hold pre-plated food at the right temperature for serving, without deterioration, shrinkage or drying out. (more…)

Double the hold

Alto-Shaam 1000-UP dual compartment heated holding cabinet from FEM

Alto-Shaam 1000-UP dual compartment heated holding trolley from FEMHeated holding cabinets enable chefs to prepare food in advance or cook food off-site, and then hold it at a safe temperature ready for service. FEM’s latest Alto-Shaam heated holding cabinet, the 1000-UP model, provides twice the holding capacity on the same footprint, compared to previous models.

The Alto-Shaam 1000-UP is a dual compartment holding cabinet capable of holding up to 108kg of food or 16 450x650mm sheet pans. The cabinet can be used to hold all types of foods, including meats, poultry, potatoes, fish, vegetables and casseroles – keeping them fresh, flavourful and hot. It’s an ideal solution for banqueting and events as the food can be planned, prepared and cooked, before being held until ready to serve. (more…)

Succulent spit-roasted chickens get tastebuds tingling

Alto-Shaam’s energy savvy Rotisseries from FEM

FEM's Alto-Shaam Electric Rotisserie with Ventless Hood and the Hot Holding Rotisserie CompanionThe smell and appearance of perfectly browned, succulent spit-roasted chickens turning in a rotisserie draws in customers and gets their tastebuds tingling.

Now FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) has launched Alto-Shaam’s Electric Rotisserie (AR-7E), which cooks faster and more evenly than conventional rotisseries. Its optional ventless hood means it can go almost anywhere, making it a good choice for an impressive front-of-house display piece. (more…)

20-10E: a space-saving combi

FEM’s Alto-Shaam CT PROformance combi oven reaches new standards of cooking performance and customisability

Alto-Shaam 20 10E combi steamerCombi ovens combine multiple cooking functions into a single appliance, providing operators with a vast amount of options in one piece of equipment. Now FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) can supply the Alto-Shaam CTP20-10E PROformance Combitherm oven, a roll-in cabinet model that provides high volume production in a space-saving footprint. It is compatible with the Alto-Shaam integrated rack management system, making it ideal for both on-demand cooking and cook/chill/retherm banqueting. (more…)

Cook, smoke and hold: Faster, easier and (now) on the move

Alto-Shaam portable Smoker Cook and Hold oven from FEM

Alto-Shaam 767-SK III Smoker Cook and Hold OvenSmoking food not only gives it a delicious flavour and aroma, but it tenderises, cures and preserves meat and fish, as well. Foodservice Equipment Marketing’s Alto-Shaam range of Smoker Cook and Hold ovens allows chefs to offer in-house smoked food quickly and easily. The latest electric smoker Cook and Hold oven (model 767-SK/III) is designed for smaller venues.

With a footprint of 653mm (W) x 805mm (d) x 851mm (h) the Alto-Shaam 767-SK/III has a capacity of 45kg and can hold up to nine full size gastronorm pans. As the ovens combine the benefits of a smoker and a cook and hold oven there is no need for two separate units and it won’t stand idle. It’s portable too, so can be easily moved and used where required. (more…)

Pre-plated meals on wheels

Alto-Shaam Banquet carts from FEM (96 model 2door)FEM’s Alto-Shaam mobile banquet carts provide a solution for any type of banquet

Maintaining food quality is a key issue at banquets. Food needs to be held at the right temperature for serving, without deterioration, shrinkage or drying out. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has the solution with Alto-Shaam’s range of heated banquet carts.

The Alto-Shaam carts keep pre-plated food hot, fresh and ready to serve to waiting guests. The special ‘Halo Heat’ heating system gently and evenly warms the food, maintaining appearance and taste, while prolonging holding life. This ensures that food is every bit as good when it comes out of the trolley as when it went in, so the meal gets to the customer in the condition the chef intended. (more…)

Master the Elements

FEM’s new Alto-Shaam CT PROformance combi oven range reaches a new standard of cooking performance

New Alto-Shaam PROformance combi from FEMCombi ovens offer an all-in-one cooking solution, combining multiple cooking functions in a single appliance. Now Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the new Alto-Shaam CT PROformance range of combi ovens.

FEM’s PROformance combi ovens offer new levels of efficiency and consistency.  They enable users to execute every menu, from basic to complex, with flawless precision and consistency – and faster, too. The multifunctional combi ovens save kitchen space by combining the functions of convection ovens, kettles, steamers, fryers, smokers and dehydrators in one unit. (more…)

Hotelympia Review:

FEM had a smoking show at Hotelympia 2014

The FEM and Alto-Shaam stand at Hotelympia 2014Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) displayed its latest range of Alto-Shaam catering equipment at this year’s Hotelympia. The equipment on show included the new Alto-Shaam PROformance combi oven which made its Hotelympia debut, and the Alto-Shaam smoker ovens.

Dushan Lukovic, FEM’s Executive Chef, and Nic Tsikis, Alto-Shaam’s Executive Chef, put the equipment through its paces in their live on-stand cooking demos. Producing tasters such as smoked salmon, mussels and smoked ribs for the waiting crowds to enjoy. (more…)