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Top bloke and great chef Alan Bird talks Skyballs

You may remember him from such restaurants as The Ivy, the Soho House group and most recently, his very own Bird of Smithfield, but renowned chef Alan Bird is also an ambassador for the male cancer awareness campaign. (more…)

A Rational is ‘like having an extra chef’ for Bird of Smithfield

Alan Bird’s new venture uses SelfCookingCenters for ‘just about everything’

“We wanted a restaurant to give customers the space and ambience of a Alan Bird in the Bird of Smithfield kitchenmembers club, without them having to be members,” says Alan Bird about his latest venture, Bird of Smithfield.  “It took a while to find, but as soon as we saw this Georgian town house in Smithfield Street we knew it was right.  Each of the five floors has its own vibe, and we have two kitchens, on the first floor for the main restaurant and the second floor for the private dining area.  With the different areas and events, too, we can be feeding up to 250 people a day.  We use Rationals for 80% of our cooking – I didn’t want any other ovens in my kitchens.”  (more…)