Less waste, more speed – new holding bins keep food hotter for longer

FEM supplies new Prince Castle extended holding bins tailored for increased operational flexibility

The latest Prince Castle EHB extended holding bins from FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) can hold food at an ideal temperature and humidity for an extended time to prevent menu items drying out without the loss of flavour, texture or shrinkage. Holding both fried and grilled menu items in the same bin, they ensure less waste, faster speed of service and increased operational flexibility.

With dual zoned top and bottom heaters, these bins create the perfect holding environment. They are designed to increase the variety of menu options being held – allowing up to six different menu options at a time. New menu items can be added through a USB port. MenuTrak technology offers operators the ability to supervise held products, by assigning where menu items are located and monitoring hold times.

Easy access and removable metal lids limit heat loss while ensuring freshness of products. Prince Castle’s Reli-A-Temp infrared heater technology provides consistent food temperatures throughout the holding process. The EHB’s alphanumeric display timers are simple to program, easy to use and include help understanding and troubleshooting errors. They also have remote connectivity allowing restaurants to change from breakfast, lunch and dinner and update menus with the click of a button.

To further simplify working practices, ‘cook more’ alert signals indicate when items are running low, giving operators time to replace and reload with fresh items to minimise customer wait times. Single-sided controls and a pass-through design make operation even easier. The bins’ durable stainless steel construction makes for a longer working life, while the rackless design means there are fewer parts to clean and maintain.

There are five different sized models available, from the smallest, measuring 500 x 358 x 290mm and holding four 1/3 GN pans, to the largest holding twelve 1/3 GN pans and measuring 843 x 358 x 460mm. All models have a one-year parts and labour warranty.