A pan for all seasons

Pujadas Century aluminium cookware from FEM provides a perfect combination of lightness and strength

All chefs use pans, many have their old favourites but every now and again a range comes along that looks to challenge the old guard. The new Pujadas Pure Strength Century aluminium cookware, available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), is one such range.

This latest innovation in professional cookware is made of 100% recyclable pure aluminium sheets which offer great performance in thermal conductivity, maximising energy efficiency. The greater thickness means better impact and deformation resistance, thus extending its professional life and general durability.

By preventing deformation, the extra-thick base ensures that each pot and pan is in full contact with the heat source throughout its working life, maximising heat transfer and consequently saving time and money. The pans are all fitted with heat-insulating, tubular stainless-steel handles designed to facilitate handling and minimise the risk of burns from contact with the body of the pan. The handles are attached with four rivets increasing safety, sturdiness and efficiency.

The range includes saucepots, sauté pans, paella pans, casseroles and stockpots in various sizes with corresponding lids available (sold separately). They are suitable for use with gas, vitro or electric hobs.