Out-weighing the competition

FEM launches the San Jamar slimline digital scales

Chefs need to be precise, especially in light of the increasing awareness of portion control. The new San Jamar slimline digital scales, available from FEM, offer caterers a reliable and essential piece of kitchen equipment, giving confidence to chefs that their specified quantities are exact.

The new scales have a touch screen display and stylish, polished low-profile design. The weighing area is large too, with a stainless-steel surface of 254mm x 320mm. They are water resistant to IP65, ensuring that any spillages, commonplace in a busy kitchen, won’t affect the functionality of the scales.

With the high capacity scale and sensitive touch, chefs can be assured that the weight specified is very accurate. The maximum capacity of 15kg, means they can be used for the majority of kitchen tasks. An LED display ensures that the scales have an extended battery life.

“In a busy kitchen where precision is very important, these new digital scales are a must-have. They offer chefs a good-looking piece of equipment that is reliable and accurate,“ says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.  “The San Jamar range continues to offer quality and affordable equipment for caterers in a wide range of sectors and venues.”