Top bloke and great chef Alan Bird talks Skyballs

You may remember him from such restaurants as The Ivy, the Soho House group and most recently, his very own Bird of Smithfield, but renowned chef Alan Bird is also an ambassador for the male cancer awareness campaign.Alan Bird

He’s recently been involved with Skyballs, a project conceived by Patrick Cox, CEO of Mr Testicles. What’s Skyballs, you ask? It’s a giant hot air balloon in the shape a pair of gargantuan testicles! If that doesn’t raise awareness for male cancer, we don’t know what will.

Chris O’Dowd and Family Guy’s Peter Griffin have already done their bit to raise awareness for the project, but it’s not going to be cheap to do (£100k, to be precise). Skyballs needs as much support as it can get!

Alan’s set up a fundraising dinner auction on eBay. The highest bid will be awarded with a meal, made by Alan, at their own home in the company of friends and family. Get involved:

He would love it if you could help his efforts for Skyballs by retweeting his tweets @ChefBird for the @MrTesticles and the @mcac_charity.

To find out more about Skyballs and other male cancer awareness campaigns, check out: and