Wear No Tear: Cambro VZ Trays from FEM

Made from fibreglass, Cambro VZ trays are a more hygienic and long-lasting alternative to wood veneer and laminated trays.  

Cambro's latest VZ Trays from FEMWood veneer and laminated trays may be attractive initially, but their lifespan is limited and they are costly to replace. Cambro’s latest VZ trays from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) are constructed from SMC standard performance fibreglass material, which is highly durable and resistant to the everyday wear and tear of the commercial catering environment.

Fibreglass is water resistant; therefore the Cambro VZ trays are far less prone to the damage caused by regular cleaning than their wood veneer and laminated counterparts. This means they need to be replaced less often, saving businesses both time and money.

Laminated and wood veneer trays can harbour harmful bacteria over time, making them unsuitable for schools, universities, hospitals and other environments where germs are easily spread. VZ trays can be washed daily, and their stacking lugs make drying quick, simple and hygienic.

VZ trays are available in both low and high profile shapes, and in several different sizes. There are four different finishes to choose from: light speckled mocha, light echo grey, light pebbled grey and light speckled smoke. Cambro’s durable VZ trays are supplied with a year warranty.