CST’s MediCall pager system helps Liverpool Heart and Chest patients relax

MediCall pagers used for family and friends, rather than patients…CST's MediCall pager

Patients often arrive in the Day Ward of Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital accompanied by relatives or friends, whose support enhances the healing environment. Most stay whilst the patient is in theatre or the catheter laboratory.

This sometimes means that relatives and friends are waiting for periods of up to four hours, which can be upsetting for patients who want them to feel comfortable and be able to have something to eat and drink if they want.

“Reduction of anxiety is a priority in providing a healing environment for patients,” notes Jeannie Blundell, Ward Sister.

Solutions to dispel patient and their families’ anxieties were considered and a trial of Call Systems Technology’s (CST) MediCall™ patient paging system in 2012 was a success. The Day Ward staff quickly adopted a process for administration of the system, as it was so easy to use. The pagers proved popular with staff, patients, relatives and friends and noticeably reduced anxiety for patients and their families.

The pagers are given to the patient’s companions, so that they can go and use the hospital facilities – cafe, shop, gardens and so on – while they wait for the procedure to take place.  When the patient is available to be seen again, staff simply push a button on the compact transmitter, which sends an alert to the pager to tell the companions to return to the ward.  The system is wireless, so it is easy to install, and there are virtually no running costs. 

Day Ward staff conducted a survey to see how patients and their supporters felt about the system. The reaction was very positive. Typical comments included:

“It was good to know we could go to the restaurant for a much-needed breakfast and not be out of touch.”

“Excellent idea to save staff hunting for relatives, therefore keeping staff on the ward, and giving relatives reassurance that staff can contact them when patients are back on the ward.”

“Really good idea – with the restaurant being so far away from the ward, it saves wasted journeys to and fro, returning to see whether family members have returned from surgery.”

One comment, summarises reactions to the experience: “The system is first class. Please keep it, because it reassures relatives who are waiting for news!”

Jeannie Blundell says, “We are very pleased that we purchased the MediCall system. It makes a noticeable difference to staff, patients and patients’ families and friends.”

The hospital has recently provided a new relative’s room to enhance the patient and family experience – the MediCall pager system enables family and friends to take breaks from the ward in this more relaxed setting.

Jeannie Blundell says: “The MediCall patient paging system will be a key factor in maintaining a relaxed environment, by managing the flow of patients and families and preventing overcrowding in the ward.”

Juliet Patten, healthcare sales manager at CST, adds, “It is always rewarding when a system fulfils its potential at a customer’s site.  This is one example of a feel-good installation that we, CST and Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital staff alike, can all take pride in having helped to establish.”

For details, Freephone Call Systems Technology on 0800 389 5642 or call 020 8381 1338, email the company at solutions@call-systems.com or visit the CST website www.call-systems.com