HCA Conference 2013: Better food at lower costs, with Rational’s new combi steamer

Latest SelfCookingCenter is ideal for hospitals, says market leader

Hospital Caterers Association National Conference and Exhibition, Celtic Manor, 11-12 April 2013

Rational shows 'the ideal combi steamer for hospital caterers' at HCA 2013Rational will show HCA Conference visitors why its SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency is the ideal combi steamer for hospitals.  “Meeting patient expectations, in terms of food quality, is high on everyone’s priority list,” says Lee Norton, managing director of Rational UK. “Our latest model includes new features designed to make this easier to achieve.”

Rational manufactures well over 60% of the combi steamers sold in the UK.  Visitors will be able to find out about its market-leading technologies such as HiDensityControl.  This features a patented airflow design that channels the heat and humidity to exactly where it is needed.  It allows chefs to maximise output, since they can load up to 30% more food, compared to previous models, into the same size cooking cabinet – and cooking quality is totally consistent, throughout the whole cabinet.

The SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency control panel makes operating the new combi steamer brilliantly simple because it constantly learns and automatically adjusts to the habits of the individual user.  Meanwhile the ‘MyDisplay’ feature allows the display to be tailored to suit the user.  For example, any functions that are not needed can be removed from the display interface, keeping controls simple and eliminating operator error – so that even untrained staff can produce the best possible results.

Another priority for hospital catering is energy saving and Rational will be demonstrating that it ticks this box in spades.  The new model saves labour, since there’s no need to monitor food or clean manually, and money, through lower energy consumption (up to 70% less than traditional cooking equipment) and reduced shrinkage of foodstuffs.  Running costs are cut further because it needs no external water treatment system.

For organisations operating multiple combi steamers, or multiple kitchen sites, Rational’s Kitchen Management System makes it easy to monitor and manage HACCP data, on site or online.

Visitors to the HCA Conference will be able to book free tickets for a Rational CookingLive demonstration, where they can get hands-on experience of the latest combi steamer technology and talk to expert chefs.  CookingLive events take place each month at venues around the UK.