Combi Steamer Cooking @ Catex

Rational SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® put to work at Catex, RDS Croissants cooked in a Rational Whitefficiency SelfCookingCenter a great start to the working dayDublin, 19th-21st February, 2013

Rational will be putting the new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency through its paces at Catex 2013. Every meal of the working day will be covered from a breakfast of croissants, grilled bacon, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns and eggs to lunch items such as pizzas, steaks and chips. For those with a sweet tooth, there will be a selection of delicious muffins on the go as well.

Expert Rational chefs will show visitors how evenly the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency roasts all sizes, cuts and types of meat. The cooked joints are juicy and succulent with 20% less shrinkage compared to conventional cooking methods. That’s not all: visitors will get a chance to taste everything that is cooked to experience the superior cooking quality of the Rational.

The new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency is also superb at overnight roasting. All the chef has to do is load the meat, select the desired result, and the clever new technologies of HiDensityControl and Efficient LevelControl do the rest. Once the meat is cooked it can be held by the Rational for up to 24 hours.

And it’s all so easy. With HiDensityControl every item loaded, from the front of the top shelf to the back of the bottom shelf, is cooked identically, with absolutely consistent quality. A powerful steam generator and dynamic air mixing match the air flow and humidity to the cooking level of the product. This means cooking time is reduced and optimised, whatever is being cooked.

For mixed loads Efficient LevelControl (ELC) calculates exactly the correct cooking requirements for each rack and alerts the chef when they are ready. It even advises on what menu items can be cooked successfully together.

What’s more, at the end of the working day the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency automatically cleans itself. All operators have to do is pop in a couple of cleaning tabs, when the unit instructs them to do so, and the unit’s CareControl cleaning system does the rest – delivering just the right amount of cleaning to produce a sparkling clean interior ready for the next batch of cooking.

For information and brochures, or to arrange to come to a free SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® ‘Rational CookingLive’ seminar, contact your dealer, freephone Rational UK on +44 (0) 800 389 2944 or see Visit the iPhone store for the Rational SCC Expert App.