Drop-Temperature Drawers

Precision’s new freezer counter drawers are guaranteed to operate down to -25°C

Drawers are becoming a very popular option for counter refrigeration in commercial kitchens.  The only problem is, most commercial refrigeration manufacturers don’t offer freezer storage with drawers, because of the risk of the drawers freezing up. Now British manufacturer Precision has launched the option of freezer counters with drawers, which are guaranteed to operate down to -25°C.

The popularity of drawers is based on two factors: ease of access and energy saving. In a busy kitchen, counters with drawers make the ingredients much easier to organise and get to than in a standard cabinet. Drawers bring big savings in energy use, because less cold air is lost accessing a drawer than when opening and closing a cabinet’s door.

“The challenge with frozen storage was to develop a drawer runner mechanism and gasket that would not freeze up at low temperatures,” says Nick Williams of Precision.     “Most frozen storage is around -18°C and we’ve worked with our supplier to ensure the Precision system works at temperatures well below that.”

As well as being available with standard freezer cabinets, drawers can also be fitted to Precision’s range of Variable Temperature Counters. These offer the option of switching from chilled to frozen storage, a major benefit in sites with seasonal menus where the balance of frozen to chilled storage requirement changes through the year.

For more information check out the Precision website (www.precision-refrigeration.co.uk), or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.