The induction of square chafers

Vollrath square induction chafers from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM).

Buffet presentation needs to display the food in an appetising and appealing way, looking aesthetically pleasing, while keeping the food at the required temperature. Vollrath’s new Intrigue™ square induction chafers, available in the UK from Foodservice Equipment Marketing, not only look good but are a safer and more efficient way to display and serve food.

The Intrigue chafers are designed to fit on to Vollrath’s induction ranges. This makes them safer to use, especially in self-serve venues as there is no naked flame and the temperature can be more accurately maintained, with no risk of the heat source going out.

These elegant yet versatile chafers have a low profile design, keeping them lower to the countertop surface, for better presentation of food and ease of access. The cover is removable for ease of cleaning and the hinge design holds the cover in closed, 40° or 90° position. There is also a glass top version available which allows customers to view the food without opening the chafer, maintaining food quality and retaining heat.

Made of robust stainless steel, and with a reinforced bracket, the chafers are built for a long reliable service life. The Intrigue chafers have a 5.8 litre capacity and are available with brass plated or mirror finished stainless steel trim, and with stainless steel or white porcelain food pans. FEM also supply Vollrath’s round Intrigue induction chafers, which are available in the same finishes.

As well as using the chafers with the induction ranges, stainless steel or black stands are available which can hold canned fuel or Vollrath’s universal chafer heater, which maintains serving temperature without an open flame. These and a variety of accessories are supplied through FEM.