Fine Dining Bread and Water

Classeq Eau de Vie’s sustainable alternative to bottled mineral water, available at Bread Street Kitchen.

Bread Street Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay Holding’s new ‘relaxed dining experience’, serves a sustainable alternative to traditional branded mineral water, Eau de Vie system from Classeq.  The system filters and chills mains water, offering still or sparkling variants that are served in upmarket, reusable bottles.

Eau de Vie is the exclusive water served at Bread Street Kitchen; a lively and exciting new restaurant and bar in the heart of the City. Bread Street Kitchen is home to a relaxed dining experience set in a large warehouse-style room that draws inspiration from the East London aesthetic surrounding it.

Stephen Mouser, Assistant Manager of Bread Street Kitchen says “Quality is extremely important to Bread Street Kitchen and Eau de Vie delivers on this. With good product presentation, clarity and no after taste we are confident in serving it to our customers.”

Research by Biothinking International found that using water supplied in disposable glass bottles results in 500 times more landfill waste and over 13 times the carbon footprint of Classeq’s Eau de Vie system, which recently won a Green Apple award from the Green Organisation.  “Eau de Vie has a lower impact on the environment and lowers our recycling costs, because we don’t have the issue of handling waste bottles,” says Stephen Mouser.

Unlike other on-site bottled water systems, Eau de Vie offers a complete package.  Alongside the filtration equipment, the upmarket bottles and attractive dispensers there is a complete back room system including racks for cleaning bottles in glasswashers, 6-bottle carriers, rack dollies and so on.  It’s designed to be simple to use in terms of handling, storage and waste.  Eau de Vie from Classeq is designed to offer a ‘complete package’ on-site bottled water system for caterers.  This includes pre- and after-sales support, from site-survey to commissioning, staff training and on-going maintenance.  Systems are available to rent or buy.

Classeq is part of the Winterhalter UK group.  For information on the Eau de Vie range, including details of your nearest stockist, call 0844 998 0870 see  or email


Editors Notes

At the heart of the Eau de Vie package is a special filter system called SilverSix, which removes the impurities that adversely affect mains water flavour and smell.  The filtered water is then chilled and dispensed through a tap which delivers still and sparkling variants.

Eau de Vie has ensured that this is a very simple system to manage: from the water filtering to the handling of the reusable bottles, everything is streamlined to assist ease of operation.  Even installation is designed to minimise disruption: Eau de Vie offers a choice including free-standing units, table top models and remote cassettes, giving owners and designers a flexible system that can easily be integrated into the site.

Depending on the model chosen, an Eau de Vie system can filter and chill from 25 to 100 litres of water per hour.



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