Glass Washing Doesn’t Get Any Sexier Than This

Winterhalter now offers undercounter glasswashers with glass doors and striking blue interior lighting.

High tech dishwashers can do wonders for hygiene and convenience, but tend not to be noticed behind the bar. That’s set to change with Winterhalter’s latest UC Series machines with glass doors and blue interior lighting.

A stainless steel frame surrounds the clear glass window, the inside of which is illuminated by the blue glow. This construction is both distinctive and visually exciting, especially when the water gushes as the wash cycle begins. The conventional image of cleaning glasses is replaced by something that’s both interesting and stylish.

The glass door UC is ideally suited to up-market bars, lounges and clubs. While boosting the stylishness of a venue, it also reassures guests that hygiene and cleanliness are well maintained, confirmed by the quality performance and impressive results offered by the UC Series.

The performance is achieved through its various distinctive features, including the effective washwater filtration, optimum pressure and the new VarioPower setting. “This offers special programs for every kind of item to be washed,” explains Paul Crowley, Marketing Manager of Winterhalter UK. “Fragile glasses are treated gently and more robust items more vigorously. It can also adjust temperature, time and cleaning agents accordingly.”

The multi-language touchscreen is easy to use and includes visual and acoustic signals providing information on the wash cycle’s progress and machine status. With a quick glance staff will know exactly when the washing cycle will finish; one less thing to think about during peak periods.

The UC Series is available in four sizes, from small to extra large. Rack sizes range from 400x400mm to 500x540mm, depending on the model. For shorter programs suited to lightly soiled items, the glasswasher can handle up to 77 racks per hour.