Water saving!

Rental options from Eau de Vie

Offering customers on-site bottled, chilled and filtered mains water is an increasingly popular option for many catering and hospitality venues and is significantly cheaper and more convenient than buying in bottled mineral water. Classeq’s Eau de Vie on-site bottled water system provides an affordable and reliable solution, and is now also available to rent from as little as £18 per week.

Renting an Eau de Vie system means profits can be made immediately, with no big initial outlay. Eau de Vie offers high profit potential as each litre of bottled water costs around 5p to produce and can be sold on for anything from £2.50 to £5 per bottle, or more. 

Producing Eau de Vie bottled water on-site costs less than buying in bottled mineral water and cuts out wasteful packing and shipping, requires no storage space or expensive recycling and involves no inconvenient and costly deliveries and collections.

The Eau de Vie package uses a special filter system, known as SilverSix, to remove impurities from the mains water, which can otherwise adversely affect the water’s taste and smell.  The filtered water is then chilled and dispensed from a tap, in still or sparkling variants. 

The Eau de Vie system is simple to use. Even installation is designed to minimise disruption: Eau de Vie offers a choice including both free-standing units and remote cassettes, giving owners and designers a flexible system that can easily be integrated into the site.

Eau de Vie from Classeq offers a complete, branded package on-site bottled water system for caterers, from the stylish and attractive ‘front of house’ water dispensers, bottles and flasks to the backroom wash racks, carriers and rack dollies.  This also includes pre- and after-sales support, from site-survey to commissioning, staff training and on-going maintenance.  Eau de Vie systems are available to rent or buy.