British-built, green blast chiller slashes energy consumption

Blast chill 35kg from a 13 Amp socket

Precision’s latest blast chiller is so energy efficient the British manufacturer is offering it in green.  It uses microprocessor-controlled, variable speed fans to ensure that blast chilling or freezing is fast, efficient and consistent throughout the cabinet – so much so that it can chill or freeze up to 35kg of food, within government guidelines, using only a standard 13 Amp supply. 

“Conventional 35kg blast chiller freezers need extra power and can’t run off a standard 13 Amp socket,” says Nick Williams, managing director of Precision.   “Our model uses less energy, so running costs will be lower.  But what’s also significant is that installation costs are lower, because there’s no need to connect to a higher rated supply.  Plus the Precision blast chiller will work anywhere where there’s a standard
electric supply, so sites that don’t, or can’t, have three-phase can now have a
blast chiller freezer.

“Our green version is designed to highlight its eco-credentials.”

Precision’s blast chiller freezers are very simple to operate – so simple that little or no
training is required.  The standard 90 minute blast cycle is launched by pressing two buttons.  The chill or freeze cycle can be controlled by programmed timer or by food probe.  It also offers a choice of ‘soft chill’ or ‘hard chill’ modes, for different food
types and consistencies.

All Precision equipment is constructed using stainless steel throughout.  Alongside the green-coloured version, Precision offers a full range of colour-coordinated cabinets that can be used to match a site’s décor or style.  The paint used is foodsafe and chip resistant.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.