Stop Press! Tip Top Tap Water Plus The Automatic Bottle Washer

Classeq on Stand K51, Restaurant Show, Earls Court 2, London, 10 – 12 October 2011. 

Classeq will show the latest Eau de Vie water system, which turns mains water into a profitable and eco-friendly alternative to bottled mineral water.  The system filters and chills the mains supply, taking out impurities, to produce either still or sparkling water that can be dispensed into stylish Eau de Vie branded bottles. 

Like the Eau de Vie bottles, the system’s dispensers are classy and attractive and look good front of house or behind the bar.  There is a choice of sizes available, with capacities ranging from 45 to 300 litres per hour. 

What makes Eau de Vie different is that is doesn’t stop at front of house – the system also includes all the backroom equipment restaurants need for a smooth operation.  So on stand K51 visitors will also be able to see the latest Classeq Duo 3 undercounter glass washer with the new, special cleaning rack that accommodates up to 25 Eau de Vie bottles at a time.  The unit has a wash cycle of just two minutes. 

Using on-site reusable bottles filled with fresh, filtered water is the most environmentally friendly way to serve chilled water from a glass bottle. Not only does Eau de Vie cut a site’s carbon footprint but it also tastes just as good as branded mineral water counterparts, at a fraction of the cost.  “Consumers like the idea of tap water, both in terms of cost and the environment, but they also like the taste of mineral water, either still or sparkling,” says Paul Crowley of Classeq.  “Our system taps in to modern trends: it allows restaurateurs to charge a premium for Eau de Vie while offering it as a less expensive alternative to standard bottled mineral water.  Plus it gives consumers more choice.” 

Classeq will also launch its new Eau de Vie rental package, which costs from as little as £22 per week.