Railroad Winterhalter

Winterhalter has designed an undercounter warewasher specifically for use in restaurants on trains

Service in restaurants on trains has just reached new levels in cleanliness and efficiency with the introduction of the Winterhalter Rail 50 warewasher. This compact, undercounter warewasher has been designed and built by Winterhalter specifically for use on trains, to ensure that on-board restaurants can have the same high standard of warewashing as land-based sites.

The Rail 50 has been extensively tested in Germany to make sure it is leak-proof under the constant vibrations and extreme breaking forces that can be experienced on trains. Another special feature is that it can operate if voltage fluctuates when there is a problem with the main power supply. In an emergency, the Rail 50 can be emptied at sub zero temperatures and without needing power.

As transport catering operations often have high staff turnover, Winterhalter has made sure the Rail 50 is extremely easy to operate. A simple button starts the machine’s wash cycle. The button changes colour to show the wash status. There are also indicators for when the detergent or rinse aid runs out – a common reason for streaking and poor washing results.

In the Rail 50 Winterhalter has used many of the features that ensure its machines have excellent washing power. These include such two rotating wash arms at the top and bottom of the wash tank, which direct water jets throughout the load to shift the most stubborn of dirt. Removable strainers and rack guides allow simple and hygienic cleaning of the machine when necessary.