The soft option

New foam-reducing tablet for Rational’s SelfCooking Center

 Rational has developed a new foam-reducing tablet for the SelfCooking Center combi steamer that is especially formulated for soft water areas. Soft water can cause foaming problems with some detergent-type products resulting in less efficient cleaning. The new tablet means all users, whatever their water type, are able enjoy the benefits of Rational’s automatic cleaning programme.

The foam-reducing tablet can be used in SelfCooking Centers with CleanJet as well as those with CareControl, Rational’s newest automatic cleaning system. CareControl monitors what’s being cooked and for how long, alerting staff when to run the cleaning programme – but only when it is required. 

At that point, the operator simply places the biodegradable CareTabs, plus the new anti-foaming tab, into the unit’s drawer, puts detergent tablets into the basket in the cooking cabinet, and pushes the button. The SelfCooking Center does the rest. The technology even determines what level of cleaning is required, eliminating unnecessary cleaning and cutting down on the use of chemicals and water.