Some like it hot – some like it cold

Foodservice Equipment Marketing’s new Vista display cabinets with hot and cold function

Foodservice Equipment Marketing’s new Vista display cabinets

Attractive food displays are an excellent way of showing off food. Enticing arrays of freshly baked cakes or pastries can even tempt customers to buy items they hadn’t previously considered. But it is essential to house the food in a proper display cabinet, for both hygiene and freshness considerations.


Foodservice Equipment Marketing has introduced new Vista countertop displays that are ideal for all types of pastries, cakes and pies. The newest Vista display cabinet, the P1ND, has both hot and cold functions offering a greater degree of versatility over single function models.

For example, it can be used in the hot mode for serving pies and other savoury items at lunch time and then switched to cold mode for cakes and pastries in the afternoon. The dual action cuts down considerably on the counter space required for display purposes and means the unit can be used at all times during service.

With a footprint of only 500mm x 355mm and a height of 325mm, this cabinet is especially suitable for smaller sites and buffet serving. The base of the cabinet is constructed from stainless steel and the product holding surface from anodised aluminium. The completely clear 5mm plexiglass top cover gives maximum product visibility.

The heating and cooling system is adjusted by a digital temperature control and a three-position (hot/off/cold) switch. FEM covers the Vista Displays with a full one year parts and labour guarantee.

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