Ice News: Cleaning Up Saves Energy

Classeq’s service package for Ice-O-Matic ice makers increases machine efficiency

Classeq’s service package for Ice-O-Matic ice makers increases machine efficiency

Now that fresh ice has become a prerequisite for the perfect cocktail, drinks on the rocks, slushies and other soft drinks, most busy bars are looking into purchasing an ice machine, if they do not already own one. But not everyone realises the importance of keeping the ice machine regularly cleaned both from a health and an energy efficiency point of view.

The regular cleaning and servicing of an icemaker will prolong its life and make sure it is operating at peak efficiency.  Some areas in the UK suffer from hard water with a high mineral content which causes a build up of limescale within the icemaker. This can seriously decrease the speed of ice production and increase energy consumption.

Classeq has introduced a package of service plans for its Ice-O-Matic range of icemakers that keep the machines clean and in tip-top working order from as little as 62p per day. Under Classeq’s service plan an experienced engineer will call regularly, change any water filters and fully de-scale and sanitise the machine. Not only does this mean the machine is operating as it should but also that the ice will taste fresh and pure.

Putting off a thorough clean-through could put customers at risk from health problems. When an icemaker is not regularly cleaned, slime and mould can build up in the machine creating an environment for bacteria to grow and ice to become contaminated. Scientific studies have shown that salmonella, e coli and shigella have all survived in ice cubes mixed with cola, whiskey and water, and even 85 per cent proof tequila!

Ice-O-Matic ice machines are manufactured by Scotsman Industries Group and are distributed in the UK by Classeq, part of the Winterhalter UK group. The Ice-O-Matic range includes the ICE Series cube ice machines, which make premium quality cube and half cube ice; flake ice machines, producing high quality flake ice suitable for medical use or for presentation and preservation of fresh meat, poultry and fish, and, pearl ice machines, producing soft, chewable ice crystals. Ice-O-Matic machines are available as modular machines with separate storage bins or as self-contained machines with inbuilt storage.

For information on the Classeq Ice-O-Matic range of ice machines, including details of your nearest stockist, call 0844 2259249. 

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