Food To Go Gets Better – with Rational

Rational brings the latest combi steamer technology to the Food To Go market at Lunch! 2011

Stand A118, 29 to 30 September, 2011, Old Billingsgate, London

 At the touch of a button, Rational’s SelfCooking Center cooks food fast and consistently, making it the perfect solution for retailers and caterers wanting to offer top-class, hot food-to-go. It gives better cooking quality and is much faster and easier than a conventional oven or grill.  It even cleans itself! 

On stand A118 at Lunch! Rational will be offering expert advice on every aspect of combi steaming and cooking with the award-winning SelfCooking Center. 

Offering bake-off, reheating, full baking, steaming, roasting and other cooking methods, the SelfCooking Center increases the diversity of food-to-go operations without complicating the cooking procedures.  The user simply selects the food to be cooked – from pizza to panini, roast chicken to baked apple pie – and pushes the button.  The SelfCooking Center does the rest. Its advanced technology automatically selects the correct process and precisely controls the cooking ‘climate’ – the mix of heat, moisture and airflow – so that whatever it’s cooking, it produces perfect results every time. 

Cleaning is simple, too.  Rational’s CareControl system monitors the degree of hygiene in the cooking cabinet, telling staff when to run the cleaning programme.  The operator then places biodegradable tablets (‘Care Tabs’) into the unit’s drawer, puts detergent tablets into the basket in the cooking cabinet, and pushes the button. The SelfCooking Center does the rest.  CareControl gets rid of limescale, so there’s no need for expensive water softeners or time-consuming descaling, and keeps the machine sparkling clean. 

The Rational SelfCooking Center is available in both gas and electric versions in a variety of sizes, from compact table-top units holding six GN1/1 trays to large units capable of holding up to forty.