Banqueting and Conference Venues: two-in-one flexible dishwasher system

Winterhalter’s fast, energy-saving TwinSet is ideal for unpredictable workloads

  A big issue for conference, event and banqueting venues is that the catering workload can vary enormously from day to day.  This makes it almost impossible to specify a dishwasher: a system that’s big enough to cope in busy times will be inefficient and expensive for smaller loads.  

Winterhalter’s ‘TwinSet’ gets round the issue by being two dishwashers in one: a standard pass-through for quieter times and a double-capacity system for when the venue is busy. 

The TwinSet links two GS 500 hood or pass-through units together, side by side, allowing combined operation but with the option of using one machine alone.  It’s also available as an Energy+ system, which employs Winterhalter’s heat exchange technology to save costs by recycling energy from the steam and wastewater, using it to heat the incoming cold water.  Combined with a new resource-saving rinse system, the Energy+ can save well over £1,000 per year in running costs, for each of the system’s two pass-through dishwashers. 

Compared with two separate pass through machines, the TwinSet allows operators to work more quickly and process more racks during busy times.  This is because both hoods can be opened at the same time, allowing simultaneous loading and unloading.  It also saves space, since both machines use the same ‘dirties-in’ and unload areas.  Meanwhile the TwinSet offers a flexible alternative to a full conveyor warewasher system, since it can adapt to peaks and troughs of work.  In slack periods, when only one machine is required, it saves 50% in energy, water and chemical consumption. 

The largest TwinSet system, based on two GS 515 Energy+ dishwashers, handles racks up to a maximum size of 500 x 600mm and has a theoretical capacity of 140 (2 x 70) racks per hour.