FEM extends offer on Tempest blender and Monin fruit mixes

Hamilton Beach Tempest® blender plus fruit mix offer from FEM extended to end of September 2009

FEM supplies Hamilton Beach Tempest blender Smoothies are popular choices for young and old alike, and for those who like their fruit with a bit more of a kick then cocktails are the answer. Add an imaginative name such as a Passion Paradise or a Slow Sunday Slurper, a straw and some colourful decoration, and a smoothie can quickly become a best selling signature item.

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is the sole UK importer for the powerful, fast Tempest blender. The Tempest, made by leading American blender manufacturer Hamilton Beach, is ideal for high-volume businesses, it can make a delicious 0.5 litre smoothie or cocktail in just 12 seconds – less time than it takes for the bartender smile and say hello!

What’s more in that time the drink will be perfectly blended with no chunks of ice or unattractive, chewy lumps of fruit. That’s because the Tempest’s super efficient, Wave-Action blending system uses the shape of the container and blades to continually force the mixture down, blending the ice and fruit to a consistently creamy profile. A durable, two-speed, 3 Hp motor gives a powerful pulsing action to crush full ice cubes in seconds.

For safety a red light indicates when the container is not correctly attached to the blender, a temperature gauge alerts the operator if the motor overheats and rubber feet hold the blender steady. The Tempest’s 1.9 litre stackable container is made from break-resistant polycarbonate with easy-to-read measurement marks.

To make it easy to get started in the smoothie business FEM is offering a voucher to claim eight free bottles of Monin’s new fruit puree mixes with every Tempest blender purchased up until the end of September 2009.

The fruit puree mixes are available in seven fantastic flavours and only need the addition of ice to make a perfect smoothie. There is no need to add sugar and only 60 ml of puree is needed to make a smoothie so they have a high profitability rating – the voucher is worth up to £312 in retail sales value.

For more information and details of local stockists call FEM on 01355 244111, email sales@fem.co.uk or visit www.fem.co.uk

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