Apuro’s Ital conveyor toaster heats croissants and other snacks as well

Ital conveyor toaster Most conference facilities and hotels that offer self-service breakfasting need an efficient and quick toaster. Conveyor toasters are the best way to keep the breakfast queue moving, but all too often they are a bit bulky for the average breakfast bar. However the new compact Ital conveyor toaster available from Apuro measures only 340 x 370 x 480mm and is suitable not only for toasting or heating up bread but also for heating up croissants and other pastries and snacks.

The Ital conveyor toaster has been designed to be safe and easy to use whether as self service or in the main kitchen. The internal chamber is thermally insulated, the motor is self-ventilated and the controls compartment is fan-cooled, keeping the stainless steel toaster housing safe to touch.

To avoid crumb build up and potential burning hazards the crumb pan and chutes are extremely easy to remove for emptying and cleaning. The rapid heating elements are covered by protective quartz tubes and can be switched on independently if required.

Apuro supplies the Ital conveyor toaster with a full one year warranty. It has a power consumption of 2.6 kW and operates from a standard 13 Amp socket.

Apuro is a division of the Cranham Group plc and is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company. For more information on the company’s range of products contact Apuro on 0121 744 0968 or visit www.apuro.co.uk