Great tasting US style donuts.

Kluman and Balter filled donut Kluman and Balter’s donut mixes bring versatility and consistency to great tasting US style donuts

Donuts are a firm favourite with all the family and can be an easy option for bakers and specialised donut vendors alike to supply fresh sweet bakery treats. Traditionally there’s a certain mystique about making the perfect donut. But now Kluman and Balter, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of ingredients to the baking industry, says it has developed a donut mix and base that will deliver consistent products time after time.

“The real key is to add value with premium toppings, fillings and glazes,” says Jamie Kluman. “And to bring new ideas to showcase, such as bear claws, honeymooners and bowties. Our team of bakers can advise our customers how to make these fantastic American-style bakery treats to add value and innovation to the bakery display.”

Kluman and Balter’s Premium range of donut mixes and bases are produced using a very specific grist of flour to deliver dependable, tasty results with every batch. Simply add water and yeast to the mix or for a more price competitive unit cost add flour. Kluman and Balter’s product specific recipe sheets are also available on request. The mix is of such high quality that the finished donuts are delicious with jam injection and a dusting of caster sugar – what the American’s call a ‘jelly donut’.

For ultra convenience the donut mixes can be processed the day before, held in retard and then fried to keep up with demand. This is a way of giving customers a wide choice of varieties and bakers can advertise crispy, ‘fresh’ donuts all day long.

When it comes to finishing off, Kluman and Balter have everything that is needed for decoration from simple powdered sugars, fudge icings and chocolate curls to sprinkles, chopped nuts or fruit flavoured slices. Also Kaybee can supply non HVO frying shortening along with a huge variety of other ingredients such as Belgium chocolate, Bavarian Crème filling, custard, jam and fruit fillings.
For bakers seeking extra ideas, Kluman and Balter offers a free recipe advice service to help get the maximum from its donut mixes.

For example Kluman and Balter suggests trying The Extreme Chocoholic – a round donut filled with thick gooey chocolate syrup, topped with chocolate fudge icing and finished off with white and dark chocolate curls. Alternatively, for children there’s The Rainbow Sprinkle Delight – a ring donut with drenched with soft icing and dipped in brightly coloured sprinkles.

Kluman & Balter offers a complete range of bakery ingredients and solutions, sourced from around the world and delivered to the bakery door. For more information visit or call Kluman & Balter on 01992 704000.