Get cooking outdoors with FEM and Pujadas

FEM now supplying range of professional charcoal barbecues and ovens from Pujadas

FEM is now supplying a range of charcoal ovens and barbeques from Pujadas. These are an ideal solution for operators looking to add an outdoor cooking capacity to their business as the lockdown begins to ease.  The range offers a comprehensive selection, suitable for businesses of every size. In addition, it offers a choice of open barbeques and enclosed barbeque ovens.

For businesses wanting a traditional open barbeque, the M45 is a compact unit capable of cooking up to 50kg of food an hour. It has a removable ashtray and cooking grate for easy cleaning. The countertop unit is 400mm wide by 600m deep by 300mm high, it has a stainless steel exterior, coated in a heat-insulating material, and a cast-iron interior, making it hard-wearing and easy to maintain. And for smaller operations or operators on the move the portable Tindaya barbeque produces 25kg of food per hour and measures a compact 420mm wide by 420mm deep by 150mm high.

Traditional open barbeques require constant supervision and may not be suitable for every business looking to offer outdoor cooking.  That’s why FEM is also offering Pujadas’ range of charcoal ovens, which deliver the authentic fire-grilled flavour of standard barbeques but with the flame safely enclosed.

The range has a striking modern design, with curved edges and a choice of three colours – red, black and stainless steel. This creates an attractive centrepiece for any outdoor cooking setup, and is easier to clean and maintain than traditional barbecues.

The exterior is constructed from heat resistant stainless steel, which is coated with insulating materials that help prevent heat loss. The lightweight yet robust door is fitted with a heat resistant neoceram glass window to enable chefs to easily inspect the food as it cooks.  It also adds a touch of the visual theatre look of barbecue cooking for customers.

The interior is constructed from cast iron. Each unit has a front opening ash drawer and an external, removable airflow regulator for ease of cleaning.  Smoke is released from a vent on the top of the unit, which can be fitted with the optional accessories including; an airflow regulator, external flame cutter and hat, each sold separately,

The range of charcoal ovens is available in four separate sizes. For smaller businesses, the BR70 and BR90 (both measuring 680mm w X 535mm d X 670mm h) models are compact units capable of producing 70 and 90 meals a day respectively. For locations requiring more capacity, the BR110 (900mm w X 790mm d X 900 mm h) has a maximum capability of 110 meals. These models can either be floor standing or mounted on a counter, allowing them to be used in smaller areas safely. For raising ovens away from the floor, optional tables or tables with doors can be purchased separately.

The largest unit, the BR150 (900mm w X 790mm d X 1800mm h), has a maximum capacity of 150 meals.  It is a double-oven unit mounted on castors, which allow it to be easily moved around as required, or put into storage when not in use.

All models are compatible with any type of charcoal and wood, and each model is supplied with a stainless steel grate, meat tongs and poker.