To be on the safe side

Utopia’s Serve and Protect range designed to help the hospitality industry get up and running safely

The hospitality industry is facing many challenges with the easing of lockdown restrictions.  The key one is working out ways to make a business viable and safe while still creating a pleasurable experience for customers. Social distancing looks set to remain for some time as the country steadies itself to continue the battle against Covid-19, so the industry will have to adapt.

To help get the hospitality industry up and running and move forward in a safe and professional way Utopia is launching a range of products under the Serve and Protect umbrella. Protect is focused on protection for people, both customers and employees, to make sure it is safe and secure to work and dine in the current environment. Serve is using creative and innovative solutions to present drinks and dishes in a way that’s both safe and stylish.

The Protect range includes three grades of masks – general, medical type 1 and K95 respirator, a digital infrared forehead thermometer from Berrcom and plastic protective screens.

The protective screens are a flexible solution for creating partitions to maximise space while making safe socialising and dining areas for guests. They come in variety of sizes to fit the needs of different hospitality environments. They have an aluminium surround to give a sturdy structure and feet that fold in for easy storage.

The Serve range takes existing products and develops them for the Covid-19 world. It includes tongs, wrapped paper straws, lidded cocktail glasses and lidded serving dishes. All are innovative solutions which offer additional safety in a stylish fashion. Utopia has also extended this range with three sizes of clear plastic plate covers, to keep food fresh and safe in transportation.

“During this intensely hard time, when there have been unprecedented changes to the foodservice sector, we’ve been working on ways to support customers and the wider market,” says Kathryn Oldershaw, marketing director at Utopia.  “We have always had innovation at the core of our business and this approach is certainly being used to the maximum at the moment.

“We’ve really looked carefully at what the hospitality industry needs to get up and running and how we can help.  The Serve and Protect range covers practical solutions to keep everyone safe, while enhancing the customer experience. We will be continually reviewing the changing ‘new normal’ and adapting the range to suit.”