Superior cooking, super fast: new Falcon Xpress High Speed Ovens

Compact, high speed ovens offer choice of cooking technologies to suit menu and application

Falcon has launched a new range of high speed compact ovens.  Called the Falcon Xpress, the range features three different models offering a choice of sizes, power levels and capacities.  All are countertop units that combine powerful microwave technology with other cooking methods, which vary depending on the model, so that the ovens can produce hot, flavoursome food quickly and with appropriate levels of browning, toasting and crispness.

By combining microwave technology with different cooking methods, such as infra-red or convection, and offering a selection of sizes, Falcon is giving caterers a choice of high speed ovens that can be specified to suit their style of cooking and their menu.

For example, the operator might specify a Falcon Xpress with the combination of microwave and impingement, which is ideal for a variety of products, from toasted sandwiches to grilled salmon steaks.  Meanwhile another model combines microwave with convection, which is ideal for an operator wanting to bake products such as meat pies or scones, as well as to cook products such as pizzas.

All the Falcon Xpress ovens are easy to use and to program, with control panels supporting at least 20 languages and connectivity via WiFi, Ethernet or Smart USB.  They are also designed to be easy and safe to clean.

The range offers a choice of oven capacities, from 17 litres to 39 litres. Falcon Xpress ovens are available through Falcon distributors.