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Morganway to release debut EP “No Tomorrows”

Morganway EP launchOur video editor Callum plays in a band called Morganway. This summer its debut EP “No Tomorrows” is going to be released, and they’ll be playing a load of cool gigs to celebrate, including the rather spectacular Secret Garden Party. The festival’s lineup is pretty impressive this year; not only are Morganway performing, Air and Primal Scream are too! Find out more about the band at www.morganway.co.uk. We’d also recommend the EP, which comes out in July. Had a cheeky listen in the office the other day and we were most impressed…

The official launch of the debut EP is at Norwich Arts Centre on July 7th! Support from Addison’s Uncle, SJ Mortimer & Tony Brook Band! Get tickets via this link https://norwichartscentre.co.uk/events/the-tilting-sky-presents-morganway/

Sharp New Sound

Norfolk rockers come out of the cold at The Waterfront

The Sharps left to right twins Kieran and Callum Morgan Matt Brocklehurst Yve Mary B  and Sam EvansNorfolk rockers The Sharps unveil their new, five-piece line up at The Waterfront on Saturday 7th September, as part of the Tilting Sky Festival.  Since February the band has gone under cover, working with former record producer George Nicholson on a whole new sound, their brief appearances limited to acoustic slots at local festivals and venues, where they’ve tried out some of their new songs.

“It’s been a hugely creative period for us,” says Callum Morgan, who writes most of the songs and, with twin brother Kieran, leads the band.  “All the music we’ll be playing is new – we’ve laid down about 20 tracks in the last four months.”  (more…)

All that jazz at Hoveton Hall

Gary Winter and the Simon Brown Quintet Saturday 30th June at Hoveton Hall Gardens

On Saturday 30th June, Gary Winter is back at Hoveton Hall Gardens by popular demand, following a roof-topping sell out performance last year.

Hoveton Gardens and Hall provide the perfect backdrop for a chilled-out musical summer evening, with the concert taking place on the veranda of the Hall. Bring a picnic, drink, something to sit on and sit back to enjoy four hours of pure entertainment in the magnificent Gardens and grounds. There is also a dance floor, proven to be very popular in previous years, for those who can’t resist moving to the music. (more…)