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Snap your KP on 22 June – KP day helps raise cash for the Springboard Charity

Winterhalter is giving £1 for every KP snap!

22 June 2017 is National KP Day, when the kitchen brigade gets to have a bit of fun and raise cash for Springboard, the charity that helps young and disadvantaged people gain employment in the hospitality industry.

Got a great kitchen porter in your kitchen?  Or one with a sense of humour?  Then take a photo of them and tweet it with the hashtag #kpday.  For every tweet, warewasher specialist Winterhalter will give £1 to Springboard, up to a maximum of £1,000.  (more…)

Is the KP of the Year working in YOUR kitchen?

Winterhalter offers prizes worth £10k+ in annual awards

The search is on for the KP of the Year 2017The 2017 KP of the Year Awards have been launched and the search is on for the best kitchen porter in the land.  The awards are the brainchild of Winterhalter, the market leader in commercial warewashers.  Managing director Stephen Kinkead is encouraging entrants from all sectors of the industry.  “In previous years we’ve had entries from schools, stadia and snack bars, pubs and prisons, hotels and hospitals, restaurants and residential homes, barracks and banquet caterers… even the Houses of Parliament,” he says.  “Everyone’s a winner, as every entrant receives a presentation tin containing a special KP apron.”   (more…)

“KPs are the key players in the kitchen” says chef Duncan Miller

With £10k-worth of prizes in KP of the Year 2016, more chefs shout out for their KPs

Duncan Miller Head Chef at Galgorm Resort  SpaJohn Whyte and Duncan Miller work at two of Northern Ireland’s most popular hospitality establishments, the former head chef at Armagh City Hotel, the latter Galgorm Resort & Spa. Both spoke in support of Winterhalter’s Kitchen Porter of the Year awards, discussing the KP’s importance not just in their restaurants, but in any commercial kitchen.

“Our hotel has a five-star rating, and it’s not just the chefs that are involved in that, it’s mainly the KPs,” says John Whyte. “They’re the ones who are making the kitchen run smoothly. They often help the chefs, too; their day is endless.” (more…)

Winterhalter manager becomes KP hero for charity

Isiseko Summer Party raises over £3k for homeless children in S. Africa

Is YOUR KP a hero?  Nominate them for KP of the Year 2016

Winterhalter's KP for a night Keith O'Brien, left, with Chef Thomas Leatherbarrow at the Isiseko Summer PartyEach year the folk at Winterhalter pick one of their own to spend a shift being a KP.  It’s partly to promote the KP of the Year Awards, which were conceived by Winterhalter, but also to highlight the hard work and dedication of kitchen porters up and down the land.  At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to see a colleague making a fool of themselves, trying to do a professional’s job and suffering big time.  In the past the task has fallen to managing director Stephen ‘Kinky’ Kinkead, but he looked like he was starting to enjoy the pain too much – so this year the Winterhalter folk picked business development manager Keith O’Brien. (more…)

“They are the glue that holds the kitchen together”

As entries pile in, acclaimed chefs lend their support to KP of the Year 2016

Chris McGowan of Wine  Brine higher res jpegThis year marks the fourth Kitchen Porter (KP) of the Year competition and so far it is going great guns. Entries have been pouring in from all across the UK, with many esteemed chefs such as Chris McGowan (Wine & Brine) and Jay Eisenstadt (Stormont Hotel) lending their support.

KP of the Year was developed by Winterhalter UK in partnership with The Caterer as way of recognising and celebrating the challenging, diverse and often overlooked role KPs play in the commercial kitchen. As well as pubs and restaurants, the competition is open to schools, universities, conferences and hotels across the UK. Any establishment with a KP worth praising should consider entering. (more…)

#KPday 2016

Celebrate the superheroes of the kitchen and help Winterhalter raise money for charity

The second National KP Day takes place on 22nd June 2016. On the one hand, it’s a chance #KPday Celebrate hard-working KPs on National KP Day, 22 June 2016to thank kitchen porters for their hard work, celebrate their important role in the catering industry and have a bit of fun along the way.  At the same time it’s an opportunity to help warewashing specialist Winterhalter raise up to £1000 for Springboard, the charity that helps disadvantaged people find work in the catering industry.


What is a kitchen porter?

Winterhalter calls on businesses to celebrate their kitchen porters

help celebrate kitchen porters with kp of the yearThe third annual Kitchen Porter of the Year awards are in full swing, and while the response from the industry has been better than ever before, Winterhalter is trying to encourage more entries from a wider range of businesses.

The Kitchen Porter of the Year competition was launched in 2013 in order to celebrate the work of these overlooked heroes of the professional kitchen. Since then many chefs and managers have nominated their porters, proud of their hard work and keen to show appreciation for their dedication to the role. (more…)

National KP Day: Winterhalter donates £500 to Springboard

Kitchen brigades across the country join in the photo fun, tweeting to raise money for charity

Anne Pierce of Springboard with Stephen Kinkead of WinterhalterThe first National KP Day saw lots of chefs and their brigades getting involved in celebrating the work of the kitchen porter – and raising money for charity.

June 22 was the day and Winterhalter, the warewashing specialist, offered to donate £1 to catering industry charity Springboard for every picture of a KP tweeted with the hashtag #kpday.

The Grand Hotel Eastbourne were amongst those who had a lot of fun with the event, posting photos including one of a teddy bear in goggles about to get showered in their pass through warewasher! (more…)

Shaun Searley of The Quality Chop House: “Let’s get KPs into the appreciation loop!”

KP of the Year 2015 gathers pace – big prizes include £1,000 and a Winterhalter warewasher

Sean Searley of the Quality Chop House discusses KP of the Year with Winterhalter's MD Stephen KinkeadThe search for the 2015 KP of the Year Award is now in full swing, with entries from across the foodservice industry, including restaurants, schools, pubs, hotels and hospitals.  The award, which is the brainchild of warewash equipment specialist Winterhalter, is designed to celebrate the contribution kitchen porters make to the foodservice industry.

Each year top chefs add their weight to the cause – the latest being Shaun Searley of The Quality Chop House.  “Many people don’t understand what kitchen porters go through on a daily basis,” he says.  “They are so often left out of the appreciation loop. We need to show that appreciation – KPs are a really integral cog in the make-up of a restaurant.” (more…)


Diary date – 22 June: National KP Day

“Helping caterers shine and customers dine!” Celebrate the role of kitchen porters and help raise £1,000 for the Springboard Charity

A good kitchen porter is priceless says Kingham Plough's chef proprietor Emily WatkinsOn June 22 2015, the catering industry will be able to celebrate the people whose work makes kitchens tick across the UK: kitchen porters.  The day is also an opportunity to raise up to £1,000 for Springboard, the charity that helps disadvantaged people find work in the catering industry.  (more…)