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Advice on ice handling as BBC raises bacteria issue again

11 May 2018

Watchdog highlights cinema drinks – FEM argues modern equipment makes ice hygiene simple. The regular media stories about ice hygiene highlight the fact that some operators, or their staff, simply don’t care enough, according to FEM.   “The problem of ice hygiene has been tackled extensively and there are plenty of solutions that make it very easy to keep things clean,” says Mark Hogan, commercial director of FEM.  “While the law treats ice as a food, many people still have too...

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Big screen bacteria: ice in cinemas found to be unacceptably contaminated

10 May 2018

Hubbard highlights the simple measures that could avoid similar cases A report on BBC’s Watchdog programme has found high levels of bacteria in ice at three top cinema chains. In one instance, levels of bacteria were found to be 10,000 times higher than acceptable levels. Hubbard Systems, which markets the Scotsman range of ice machines, says it’s vital the industry gets serious about cracking down on poor hygiene practices that lead to the issue.  “It’s obvious that the message isn’t getting...

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Xmas drinks: keeping ice clean this Christmas

28 September 2017

Hubbard Systems offers advice on ice hygiene for the festive season Christmas puts pressure on staff, but when it comes to ice for all those Christmas cocktails they need to keep cleanliness in mind; especially with media scare stories highlighting the problem of dirty ice.  Ice is a food and looking after it hygienically is a food safety issue.  However, the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, UK distributor for Scotsman icemakers, say keeping ice clean is relatively easy. 

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