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Keeping the lid on self-serve hygiene and mess

New and improved Vollrath LidSaver 2 dispensers from FEM

Foodservice operations are careful about hygiene, but self-serve areas are often left untended for long periods. Drink lids are notoriously difficult to dispense causing mess, poor hygiene and waste. Customers often hunt through stacks of lids to find one that no-one else has touched, in turn coming into contact with several lids they don’t plan to use – the rest end up on the ground or across the counter. (more…)

Winterhalter expands Chemicals and Hygiene Division

Appointment of Peter Alsworth underlines commitment to ‘one stop shop’ for warewashing

Leading warewasher manufacturer Winterhalter has appointed Peter Alsworth as Chemical Sales Director of its UK Chemical and Hygiene Division.  Alsworth is recognised as a leading expert in the market and the move underlines the company’s commitment to expanding its Chemical and Hygiene Division’s operations.  (more…)

Racking up the speed

Winterhalter increases the rack speed on its MTR range of rack conveyor dishwashers

Winterhalter has re-engineered the wash arms on its MTR range of rack conveyor dishwashers so the speed of throughput can be considerably increased while at the same time achieving outstanding wash results.

The MTR range is designed to take care of all the dishwashing needs of a high volume catering kitchen. The machines are simple to use, energy efficient, economical to run and offer the ultimate in hygiene, performance and reliability.

The new speeds make the smallest MTR2 capable of processing up to 155 racks per hour while the largest MTR4 can now process up to 350 racks per hour. (more…)

Carry food, not germs

FEM introduces Antibacterial Camguard Versa Trays

Trays are an integral part of self-service meals in school, university and hospital canteens but they are often the ugly sister to the more flashy countering, tabling and seating. But trays have their part to play, and especially in the overall hygiene of any foodservice operation. (more…)

Experience the latest warewashing technology at Host 2011, Milan

Winterhalter warewashing technology is explained at Host 2011, Pavilion 5, Booth T16  U21

Winterhalter warewashing technology is explained at Host 2011 Milan

At Host Milan, from 21to 25 October 2011, Winterhalter will set up an interactive stand where visitors can get an understanding of how the company’s innovative machine technology, cleaning products, water treatment and accessories impact on warewashing results.

In a specially designed interactive glass washing area Winterhalter will be showing which factors are important to achieve brilliantly sparkling and hygienically clean glasses. Visitors will be able to see working demonstrations of UC Series glasswashers to highlight the effects of different water qualities on washed glasses. A hygiene test will illustrate the level of germs on glasses, especially after polishing with a cloth. (more…)

Twenty Five Clean Bottles…

Classeq Eau de Vie launches bottle cleaning rack for use in glasswashers

Eau de Vie Rack and Bottles

A problem with most restaurants using mains water bottling systems is cleaning the bottles between use.  Now Eau de Vie, the premium brand, on-site chilled filtered water system, has launched a bottle-cleaning rack designed to work in a standard glass washer.  Classeq, which markets Eau de Vie in the UK, says it is a simple idea that will help enhance hygiene in the increasing number of outlets offering on-site, filtered mains water as an alternative to bottled mineral water.  (more…)

TouchClean® treated Hospital Pagers beat Infection – without Antiseptic Sprays

TouchClean treated MediCall™ Pagers kill germs, fungi and viruses, protecting users from cross-contamination and infection

CST’s MediCall™ Hospital Outpatient Pagers with TouchClean® beat Infection without Antiseptic Sprays

Call Systems Technology’s newest MediCall outpatient pager has a TouchClean long-life light-activated coating applied over the entire pager surface which destroys bacteria, fungi and viruses with no need to spray or wipe between uses.

The MediCall TouchClean-treated pagers protect outpatients and staff from transferred germs in hospital clinics, imaging and outpatient departments, where they are used to maximise staff efficiency and minimise waiting room queues. (more…)