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School CookingLive!

5 February 2013

Rational offers combi steamer demonstrations for school caterers The need to reduce running costs combined and the demand for healthier, better tasting menus have led many schools to consider investing in combi steamers.  Their energy efficiency and ability to reduce shrinkage, so that schools get more portions per kilo of raw food, can make a real difference to the budget. Now Rational, the market leader in combi steamers, has launched a series of demonstrations to show school caterers how the...

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Bottled Water Going Green

4 July 2011

Eau de Vie offers significant carbon footprint reductions Carbon footprint and sustainability are the buzzwords of the moment. More and more catering establishments are examining their practices and seeing where they can improve their carbon footprint. Bottled water is one area coming under scrutiny. Classeq’s Eau de Vie on-site bottled water system offers an approach that can significantly cut down a site’s carbon footprint.  Eau de Vie passes mains water through a special filter called SilverSix to remove the impurities...

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