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Care Home warewashing: top quality, low cost package now includes online monitoring

Operators can check how machines are operating; Connected Wash also helps cut energy costs

Winterhalter’s Pay-Per-Wash scheme is changing the way care homes fund their warewashing: it gives users a machine, chemicals, machine service and customer support for a fixed pay-per-wash fee of as little as 26.2p.  Now Winterhalter has made it even more attractive by bundling in its Connected Wash package as part of the scheme, for free.  (more…)

Sanitising warewasher for care homes – and there’s no upfront cost

Winterhalter’s UC machines with thermal disinfection programme available with Pay Per Wash

For care homes, sanitisation is an essential. Winterhalter’s UC undercounter machines are available with a thermal disinfection option – and care homes can now install them under the Pay Per Wash initiative, which means there’s no upfront cost, operators simply pay for each wash as they go along.

The UC is a front-loading machine that’s available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The thermal disinfection wash cycle meets the HMT2030 regulations by washing at 73ºC for 3 minutes, delivering total hygiene control. Using this wash programme, the UC can handle up to 10 racks per hour, with the racks ranging in size from 400x400mm in the small model to 500x540mm in the extra-large. When the thermal disinfection programme is not required, the UC can handle up to 48 racks per hour. Its compact size means it can fit into small kitchens, while its high output means it can wash quickly and effectively. (more…)

Care Home Catering: Fish Cooking Made Simple

Pan-fried, poached, steamed or baked: The Rational SelfCooking Center does it all

Cooking fish in the Rational SelfCooking Center

Cooking fish is a delicate operation, it is easy to spoil. Accuracy, timing and cooking environment are essential elements for a perfectly cooked fish. In healthcare settings and especially care homes, fish is an essential requirement of a balanced diet. It is a low fat food, a good source of protein and omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains vitamins A and B and calcium.

The Rational SelfCooking Center is designed to make what is normally a difficult cooking task, such as cooking fish, simple and straightforward. At the touch of a button it  can cook many different fish dishes, whether pan-fried, poached, steamed or baked – fully automatically and exactly how the chef wants it. (more…)