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Cromer is raptor with attention at its new residents

11 April 2019

Cromer, one of our favourite local seaside towns, has taken two of its newest residents to its heart. The North East Norfolk Bird Club recently installed a nesting box for Peregrine Falcons on the church of Saints Peter & Paul in the town centre. This is building off the great success of the nesting box installed on the spire of Norwich Cathedral a few years ago, which has resulted in many new Peregrines and even more happy birders.

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Christmas tree beer

9 January 2019

Wondering what to do with your old Christmas tree? Well here’s the answer – drink it. Lowlander Beer in the Netherlands is using recycled Christmas trees to brew a 2019 Winter IPA. The brewery is collecting used Christmas trees from Dutch consumers, bars and restaurants to turn them into tasty beer.

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