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Alison’s vintage footie sign marks Wembley party

You’re looking at a sign that’s famous! Our very own Alison, whose family are all Norwich FC mad, made it with her own fair hands. And the folk at Wembley were so impressed by her wit that they put it on the screen, where Delia herself saw it – she was being interviewed by Radio 5L at the time, so it went all national on us. Then a Sun journalist tweeted it. Which is all just dandy and iced that promotion cake nicely.
Alison's Wembley sign
The hair-splitters may point out that if ‘Delia’ was ‘Delia’ then ‘Neil’ should have been ‘Alex’. What they don’t know is that this sign was originally created for Norwich’s last play-off final – at Cardiff, under Nigel Worthington. We lost that one, but the Haynes family, thrifty to the end, held onto the sign (at the back of a cupboard). Some fool (aka Steve, Alison’s other half) suggested adapting it for 2015. So ‘Cardiff’ became ‘Wembley’. But it seemed easier to make ‘Nigel’ ‘Neil’ (rather than ‘Alex’). As it turned out, it would have been much easier to have started from scratch. But then, would the result have been the same?

Now I’m not superstitious, but I call on all sensible Norwich fans to beg the Haynes family to hang on to the sign for the next Wembley trip… Be nice to think next time they won’t need to change the names…

By the way, the sign reads: ‘Delia did it in the kitchen, Neil did it in Wembley.’

Musical Dream Team in Aylsham!

Britten Sinfonia play Aylsham Parish Church as part of Wide Sky Festival

Caroline Dearnley is one of the Britten Sinfonia performers at Aylsham Wide Sky Festival 2Four principal players from the Britten Sinfonia will be performing in St Michael’s Church, Aylsham, on Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7.30pm. The concert is part of The Aylsham Wide Sky Festival, 22nd – 26th May, which includes theatre, conversation, art, food – and Romans!

The four performers are Marcus Barcham-Stevens, co-Leader of the Britten Sinfonia, on violin; Miranda Dale, principal second violin; Clare Finnimore, principal viola, and Caroline Dearnley, principal cello. (more…)

What connects Harry Edwards, the Britten Sinfonia, The Gramophones Theatre Company, floating lanterns, Boudicca and the Romans?


The Aylsham Wide Sky Festival, 22-26 May 2015


AYLSHAM AFLOAT_LANTERNS ON WATER MARCH 2015An arts project conceived by Jessica Perry based on floating lanterns lights the way to events taking place in this year’s Aylsham Wide Sky Festival.  The festival’s theme, ‘Vivat Aylsham!’ celebrates the town’s connections with the Romans, with several events and talks in advance of a possible major archaeological dig in the area.


The lanterns will be floated at events during the Festival and feature in a film by James Hubbard, with music by Harry Edwards, that will be part of the Rotary Art Show in Aylsham Town Hall over the Festival weekend.


Other events include the Hansells Conversation between local author Patrick Barkham and TV presenter Mike Dilger; The Gramophones Theatre Company with East Anglian story telling woven together with original live folk music; a chess competition; special events at Blickling Hall; The Great Aylsham Quiz; and a quartet from the Britten Sinfonia performing in Aylsham Parish Church.


For more information and to book tickets, call the Festival Box Office on 01263 731808, email tickets@aylshamfestival.co.uk, go to www.aylshamfestival.co.uk or visit Barnwells of Aylsham.  You can also use the Droplet app on your smartphone.

Festival Programme:

Wednesday 20th May, 10.30am

Talk: Boudicca and Iron Age Norfolk by Dr John Davies, Chief

Curator of Norwich Castle Museum

Aylsham Library .Tickets: £3 to include refreshments. Pay in the Library.


Friday 22nd May, 7.30pm

The Hansells Conversation: Patrick Barkham, author of The Butterfly Isles, Badgerlands and Coastlines with Mike Dilger, ecologist, natural history presenter on The One Show and writer.

Jubilee Family Centre. Tickets: £10 Over 60: £8 U18 £5


Saturday 23rd May, 11am-4pm

Quickplay Chess Tournament with a chance to win the Festival Cup.

Aylsham & District Ex-Servicemen’s Club

To book 01263 731327


Saturday 23rd May and Sunday 24th May, 10am – 4pm

Romans at Woodgate Nursery

A Roman garden, display of artefacts found on the site, ‘Ask an Archaeologist,’ make a Roman helmet.


Saturday 23rd May, 10am – 4pm

Rotary Art Exhibition in Aylsham Town Hall with a WI Cafe on Saturday 9.00am – 2.30pm

Artists include Teucer Wilson, Dick Williams, Andrew King, Caroline Fisher & Rory Kent.


Saturday 23rd May, 2pm

Aylsham History Society Walk through Time

Start at The Buttlands Car Park and finish at The Heritage Centre at about 3.15 pm.


Saturday 23rd May, 4pm and 8pm, and 25th May 4pm

Art of the Garden

Guided sunset walks through the beautiful garden of Burgh House featuring art on the medieval fish-ponds: ‘Aylsham Afloat’ paper-lanterns  and Liz McGowan’s Reed Sculptures

Booking essential: 01263 733441 £2.50/person


Sunday 24th May, 10am – 4pm

Rotary Art Exhibition in Aylsham Town Hall with Slow Food Café and Music from Kiesha Rice (clarinet), Carl Suter (lute) & Noah Horne-Morris (Harp)


Monday 25th May, 11am

Walk organised by Walkers are Welcome of Aylsham, from Aylsham to Brampton with expert Stuart Wilson on navigation, mills and Roman history. Bure Valley Railway. Bring a picnic lunch. Tea and cake upon return.

Tickets: £5

To book contact Susan Munday 01263 733858 at Bure Valley Station


Monday 25th May, 7.30pm

Play: ‘Wanderlust’ The Gramophones Theatre Company

Wanderlust captures the magic of how journeys help us connect to the world around us.

Aylsham Town Hall. Adult: £10 Over 60: £8 U18 £5


Tuesday 26th May, 10am – 12 noon

Children’s Activities in Aylsham Parish Church


Tuesday 26th May, 10am

Visit to Blickling – Preview of Lothian’s Gift and tour of Walled Garden. Tickets: £6


Wednesday 27th May, 10am

Coach Trip to Colchester Museum, leaving from Aylsham Market Place, return approx 5.30 pm

Tickets: Adults: £17, Children £10, which includes Museum entry


Saturday 30th May, 7.30pm

The Great Aylsham Quiz courtesy of Mike Halls and with Roy Starling as Quiz Master Supremo

Aylsham & District Ex Servicemen’s Club. Tickets: £7.50 to include fish or pizza and chips


Latest Aylsham Festival News

SONY DSCThis year’s Aylsham Festival features an exciting and eclectic mix of events that should appeal to anyone with an interest in music, theatre, art, history or wildlife.  And for one local business owner, Peter Purdy, who is hoping to fulfil a lifetime’s ambition, it’s a chance to display an extraordinary collection of Roman artefacts, in advance of a possible major archaeological dig in the town.

The Festival’s them is Vivat Aylsham (long live Aylsham) and there are several opportunities to find out what the Romans did in Aylsham, with talks, displays and activities focused on the land around Woodgate Nursery, where evidence of a Roman settlement is prompting interest in a professional dig.

“Having spent the last forty years of my life  collecting pieces of Roman pottery from the garden and surrounding fields, and wondering where it all came from, it now appears that I am living right in the middle of a Roman settlement,” says Peter Purdy, owner of Woodgate Nursery.  “Geophysical surveys, carried out by Britannia Archaeology, indicate the possibility of a trackway, enclosures and kilns here.”

A major coup for festival organiser is The Hansells Conversation, when Mike Dilger, the BBC wildlife presenter, will be chatting to local natural history author Patrick Barkham at Aylsham’s Jubilee Family Centre, on Friday 22 May. They’ll be giving a fascinating insight into North Norfolk’s ecology.

Musical highlights include a quartet from the Britten Sinfonia, playing a programme including Purcell and Mozart in Aylsham Parish church, on May 26, while the main theatrical event of the week is ‘Wanderlust,’ from The Gramophones Theatre Company, in Aylsham Town Hall on 25 May.

Art is always a lively theme at the festival and this year sees the completion of an exciting project, Aylsham Afloat, in the Art in the Garden event.  Paper lanterns, created by the local townspeople, will be floated on the medieval fishponds in the grounds of Burgh House, on Saturday 23 May at 8pm.  It will make for a dramatic spectacle.  Meanwhile the Rotary Art Exhibition in Aylsham Town Hall has a WI Café on the Saturday and a Slow Food Café on Sunday, plus live music.

Other events include a Quickplay Chess Tournament, a Walk Through Time, a special preview of the new exhibition at Blickling Hall, and the Great Aylsham Quiz.

The accompanying photograph shows Sue Sharpe, Festival Director, with a friendly Roman Legion publicising the Festival in Aylsham market square.  “We aim to ‘do different’ with our festival – each year we have a new theme and I’m so pleased that we have been able to tie in with Peter’s wonderful Roman project.”

Full details of the events can be found on www.aylshamfestival.co.uk

More information:

Aylsham Festival: sue.sharpe@aylshamfestival.co.uk / 01263 733441

The Publicity Works: teaboy@publicityworks.biz / 01263 761000



“The ‘tache is all there is…”

Celebrating the triumphant return of Game of Thrones to the TV, the DSC06584Publicity Works’ Master of Video and Song, Callum, was moved to do a little facial cosplay and pay tribute to his favourite character, Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish. We hope you’ll agree that it’s a truly uncanny likeness, physically at least. Don’t worry, we’ll be keeping a close eye on him to make sure he doesn’t start a bloody chain of events that leads to war engulfing the country while an ancient evil begins to stir in the far north…

Fiona ran 26.2 miles for Mind

11133672_10206094435260494_8949800518488921948_nLast Sunday April 12th Fiona laced up her running shoes and completed the Brighton Marathon in 5 hours and 19 minutes. She was raising money for Mind, a charity that specialises in mental health issues.

“It was a very long way,” says Fiona. “At mile 20 the battery on my watch packed up so I had no idea how fast, or slow, I was going. It just became a question of  putting one foot in front of the other and passing all the people who had given up and were walking. The training paid off.”

It’s not too late to donate some money. Just click here.

eXpresso PLUS launches Barista Gold Blend Tower coffee machine

eXpresso PLUS launches Barista Gold Blend Tower coffee machine

Self-serve espresso menu, round the clock, offers high volumes and significant profit potential

eXpresso PLUS has launched a new self-serve coffee machine that combines one of the UK’s leading brands with top quality drinks at an RRP of as little as £1 to £1.50 per cup, offering big profit potential for operators.

The Barista Gold Blend Tower is a floor-standing machine that uses a mix of instant and roast ground coffees to produce a rich aroma and a full-bodied taste.  The machine offers an authentic espresso menu, including Americano, latte and cappuccino.

The simple control panel means that customers can quickly serve themselves – and even tailor the drink to their own tastes, for example by adding an extra shot of coffee.

Barista Gold Blend Tower from eXpresso PLUS“The branding is a huge customer attraction,” says Manish Shah, director of eXpresso PLUS.  “Nescafé Gold Blend is one of the most recognised names in coffee.  Add the superior quality of drinks produced and the low price point and you can see why it will be popular with consumers.  Meanwhile the low running costs and high profit potential, plus the ease of maintenance and cleaning, should make it a hit with operators.”

Leasing the machine costs from as little as £40 per week.  If a site sells 50 cups per day, at £1.50 per cup, eXpresso PLUS estimates the Barista Tower will generate £13,688 annual profit.

The Barista Gold Blend Tower is aimed at a wide range of hospitality businesses, from hospitals and healthcare sites to leisure centres, food halls, hotels and canteens. Being self-serve it can operate round the clock, for example in reception areas.   (more…)

Aylsham Ahoy! Join in ‘Dazzling’ arts project that will set town alight AND afloat…

Spectacular installation on medieval fish-ponds will be a highlight of Aylsham Festival – everyone can sponsor a lantern featuring their own home or office we are!

AYLSHAM AFLOAT_LANTERNS ON WATER MARCH 2015An inspirational art project in Aylsham is calling on local people to sponsor a lantern and get their property in the frame – or in the pond!  ‘Aylsham Afloat’ will culminate in an exhibition and a spectacular display of floating lanterns, featuring pictures of Aylsham properties drawn by local people, on the medieval fish ponds in the gardens of Burgh House, during this year’s Aylsham Wide Sky Festival (22nd – 26th May).

Organised jointly by Aylsham High School (AHS) and the Aylsham Festival, the project is supervised by local artist Jessica Perry.


“We are inviting people to get drawing and ‘Sponsor a Lantern’ for £3.00,” explains Jess.  “It’s open to all ages, with proceeds going to the Aylsham Festival.


“Aylsham Afloat is the chance for everyone to get involved in a community arts project that will be dramatic, extravagant and dazzling.”


In return for the £3.00, sponsors get an Aylsham Afloat kit, which includes the bag (or lantern) and full instructions.  It is available from a variety of outlets in Aylsham, including Aylsham Library, Coxfords Butchers, Bure Valley School and Woodgate Nursery.


“All you need to do is draw the front of your home on the paper bag provided and return it to Aylsham High School by the deadline of 10am, on Monday April 13th,” says Jess.  “Use felt tips, biros or crayons. Draw it from the bottom right up to the roof and, if you want, add drawings of the people who live in the house too.”


All the bags, along with others made by AHS students featuring Aylsham’s shops and businesses, will be waterproofed.  Once that’s done, they’ll be floated at night on the school’s swimming pool, with pictures and film footage being taken by local professional photographer Debby Besford, working with AHS students.


The photographs will be on exhibition in the Town Hall during the Aylsham Festival, and available for sale as cards and prints.


The lanterns will then be re-floated on Burgh House’s medieval fish ponds during the Aylsham Wide Sky Festival as part of the Art of the Garden event, when visitors will have the opportunity to take part in guided tours of the gardens.


“This is a really exciting arts project,” says Helen Homewood, Head of Art at AHS.  “We have already had a trial run, floating lanterns illustrated by students on the pool, and the results were brilliant.”


Sue Sharpe of the Aylsham Festival says, “What is really fantastic about this project is the way so many people and organisations are working together to make it happen.  It’s a true community event.  And as an art installation, it’s going to be amazing.”


The Art of the Garden walks take place at Burgh House, Burgh Road, Aylsham, on Saturday 23rd May and Monday 25th May.  Tickets are £2.50 with all proceeds to the festival.  For more information visit www.aylshamfestival.co.uk or call the festival box office on 01263 733441.   Numbers are strictly limited, so booking will be essential.

More information:

Aylsham Festival: sue.sharpe@aylshamfestival.co.uk / 07796 519987

Jessica Perry: jessica531@btinternet.com / 07502 368 715

The Publicity Works: teaboy@publicityworks.biz / 01263 761000



please contact Jessica Perry. It will not be open to the public, but you would be welcome to come to take pictures, film, etc.

It will take place on Tuesday April 14, from 7.30pm.



Aylsham Afloat has been devised as a collaboration across the Aylsham community, in support of the Aylsham Festival. Thanks and appreciation go to Jessica Perry (artist and project originator), Debby Besford (photographer), Helen Homewood (head of art at AHS), Sue Sharpe (Aylsham Festival), Richard and Maureen Burr (Burgh House garden hosts), The Publicity Works, Broadland District

Towering Espresso

eXpresso PLUS launches bespoke self-serve drinks Towers

eXpresso PLUS launches bespoke Beverage TowerseXpresso PLUS, the beverage systems and ingredients specialist, has launched a new bespoke package that allows operators to tailor the company’s self-serve, free standing drinks Towers to their precise requirements.

The key aspect of the service allows operators to create a beverage machine that represents their personal brand, matching its colours, decals and logos.  The machines are also supplied with a high impact video screen that can promote the operator’s messages.

However, it doesn’t stop there.  A variety of different Towers are available, offering a wide choice of configurations.  From the drinks menu and selection of syrups to the positioning of the cup dispenser and the choice of payment system, including coins, tokens or cards, there’s a whole range of options that allow operators to fine-tune the eXpresso PLUS Tower to their preferences. (more…)

Breaking news: marathon attempt is on

The Nelson Knee Knobbler 2014 - Beach - 0212Despite breaking her ankle in November, Fiona is back on track to run the Brighton Marathon on April 12th, 2015. It won’t be as fast or as pretty as she had hoped but she’s been cleared to have a go. At present training is still pretty limited and top distance is only four miles. But expect this to increase rapidly over the next three months culminating in the marathon itself.

Fiona is running in memory of her son Alan and is raising money for Mind. If you wish to donate please use this link – http://memoryspace.mind.org.uk/MyPage/Running-Brighton-for-Alan-and-Dan