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Bee-leave it!

7 June 2018

Exciting time here at Publicity Works Towers. The two beehives installed in the grounds have been so successful a breakout swarm moved out. After the jump you can see footage shot by our own Queen Bee, Tim, showing the moment the local beemaster collected the new swarm from a tree.

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We’re not kidding about

17 May 2018

We love the North Norfolk coast and so do goats. They are back on the cliffs at Cromer for their summer hols. But they don't sit back and rest when they are at the seaside. The tough vegetation on the cliffs is particularly tasty to goats so that's what they spend their summer doing. Munching!

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Get to us faster

26 April 2018

Now the new NNDR is open, is it worth using? If you're coming up from the south it might just be worthwhile. The reporter in this clip saved about 10 minutes using the new road.

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