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4 August 2021

Norwich has gone dinosaur mad. You’ll find Dippy in the Cathedral, resting after his (her?) trip up from the Natural History Museum, and T Rexes all around the city. The pre-histerics don’t end there… further afield we’ve got North Norfolk’s Deep History Coast, with its roving mammoths, we’ve got sea-henge, we’ve got loads of really old stuff! Dippy is only here until the end of October, so if you fancy checking her/him out, look sharp.

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17 December 2020

The office is closed from Tuesday December 22 until Monday January 4.  However, we will be monitoring the phone.  Alternatively, please email if anything urgent comes up. 

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Under your nose?

27 August 2020

Like lots of people, thanks to staycating we're discovering fabulous new things, virtually next door - like Hindringham Hall

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