Straws and cutlery from Tequila, naturally

Utopia collaborates with Mexican company to create fully biodegradable single use cutlery and straws

Utopia has launched an innovative range of cutlery and drinking straws made from agave, providing a practical, robust, attractive and sustainable alternative to single use plastics.

The range was developed in collaboration with Greenprint, a Mexican company that specialises in creating environmentally friendly products designed for use in hospitality settings that require single use items.

Agave is a plant used in the production of drinks like Tequila. Greenprint takes the fibrous waste products from this process and uses it to create sturdy and stylish items that are fully biodegradable and free from dangerous chemicals like BPAs and PFAS.

Utopia’s Agave collection includes a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon, as well as drinking straws in a range of lengths and diameters.  Each of the cutlery items features an eye-catching mottled texture with hints of the original structure of the agave plant.  The drinking straws are available in natural and black colourways. Natural has a soft yellow colour which matches perfectly with the appealingly tactile texture of agave fibres, while black delivers an understated and timeless look. A variety of different straw styles are available including cocktail straws and large diameter options ideal for use with bubble tea. Pre-wrapped straws are also available, for self-service or takeaway.

The hard-wearing nature of agave fibres allows it to be made into durable, strong cutlery items that can easily cope with their tasks, and straws that won’t go soggy in drinks. Furthermore, agave leaves have natural antiseptic properties helping to ensure it is safe and hygienic to use.

As they are made from natural organic materials, the Agave range is biodegradable. The cutlery and straws will fully decompose within 1-3 years in a biologically active landfill, which means they can be disposed of in standard waste without any specialist treatment beforehand.

Utopia has been investing heavily in developing ecologically sound alternatives to single use plastic in recent years.  The Agave range demonstrates this commitment to finding innovative solutions for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing style or practicality.