Tim is after you mullah….

Despite having a new hip a mere 6 months ago, he’s doing not one but TWO marathon events… this swimathon (2.5k swim) on April 26 then, a mere ten days later, the Wolf Way, a 250 mile bike route round the mountains of Suffolk. To add to the challenges, he’ll be racing his young athletic brother in the swimathon (OK, he’s doing 5k to Tim’s 2.5, but even so) and then he’ll be spending the bike ride hanging out of his backside as he desperately trys to catch up with the fit folks he’s cycling with.

The least you can do is bung some of your cash at The Publicity Works’ fave charity, Hospice Ethiopia. It’s terrific cause, as you can see here.
To donate go to Tim Morgan is fundraising for Hospice Ethiopia UK (justgiving.com)