Mix and match: hot and cold transportation in the same cart at the same time

FEM announces larger Cambro Pro Cart Ultra pan carriers in stock now

Cambro’s larger Pro Cart Ultra Pan Carriers, now available from FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing), offer really flexible food transportation. Not only can they accommodate hot and cold modules in the same cart at the same time, but also the modules are interchangeable, so by buying an extra hot or cold module, the cart can be customised as required.

The two larger models have been added to the range giving operators more options.  As standard the carts are available with two active hot compartments, or one active hot compartment at the top and one active cold compartment at the bottom, or two active cold compartments. The PCU1000 has the capacity to hold 14 1/1 gastronorm pans at 65mm deep and measures 559 x 864 x 1702mm, whereas the PCU2000 has the capacity to hold 28 1/1 D65mm gastronorm pans and measures 762 x 965 x 1727mm with various power specs depending on your choice of module options.

The carts are extremely easy to use.  Using the touchscreen control, the operator just turns on and sets the temperature, then loads the cart and it’s ready to go. In the hot compartment, a built-in thermometer and non-corrosive heating element ensure that correct temperatures, between 65 -74°C, are maintained whilst plugged in. Their thick foam insulation and tough polyethylene exterior stays cool to the touch and retains temperatures for hours, even when unplugged, saving up to 30% on running costs compared with other electric cabinets.

Built for heavy-duty use and ease of transportation, the cart’s long ergonomic moulded handles are very robust and the cord stores away. A single 230mm nylon latch provides quick and secure opening and closing of doors.  A spring-loaded magnetic door catch allows the door to close hands-free. A vent cap equalises pressure and releases steam to prevent a build-up inside the cabinet. The cart has four heavy-duty castors, two with total locking pins.

The hot modules safely maintain food temperatures with gentle, non-radiant heat.  The elements heat from room temperature to 73.9°C in just 15 minutes, with a 20-second recovery time if the door is opened.  The cold module uses thermoelectric cooking technology for safe transport. It quickly cools down to 0.28°C, without a compressor, and has a 23-second recovery time.