Hunting for luxury with Utopia’s latest collection

Artemis combines understated opulence and maximum practicality

If you’ve been hunting for contemporary tableware that combines modern materials and opulent styles with classic forms, Utopia’s new Artemis collection allows you to create a stunning presentation.
Named for the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, Artemis builds on the current popularity of metalware and takes it to the next level. The collection consists of seven pieces in two fabulous colourways, steel and luxurious gold. It is constructed from stainless steel and features a distinctive “rumbled” matt finish that diffracts light in a subtle, sophisticated way.

Each piece in the Artemis range is designed to make an eye-catching signature presentation. It includes three double walled bowls in different sizes, suitable for both hot or cold dishes, a large (30x18cm) oval serving platter, a 23cm diameter plate as well as both double and triple dip trays. Each piece effortlessly combines classic and modern design points with finely judged detailing to help create an impressive yet understated centrepiece for a range of cuisines and dining styles.

The stainless steel is both sturdy and lightweight, and is dishwasher safe making Artemis the perfect solution for any restaurant that has been hunting for a creative and opulent yet practical way of serving food.