Sustainability on tap

Meet Billi UK, The WHA’s (Water Dispenser and Hydration Association)’s newest member.

The company’s Commercial Manager, Callum Lodge, talks to us about what makes Billi tick and why sustainability is such a passion. 

 Who and what is Billi UK? 

Billi is an Australian-based manufacturer of advanced integrated tap systems (ITS) that dispense boiling, chilled and sparkling filtered drinking water. Operations began here in the UK during 2013, since then Billi has grown to offer a full compliment of systems with varying output types and capacities. Our brand has built a reputation for efficient products that combine elegant styling and space-saving design.

What makes Billi UK different?

Being fully focused on environmental responsibility, our products and solutions are designed to minimise impact on the planet, promote energy efficiency, and conserve resources. Billi’s pioneering heat exchange technology efficiently recovers waste heat energy, leading to substantial energy savings. Having attained both the WELL and Global green tag accreditations we’re  still innovating, keeping pace with modern building techniques and eco-technology as well as developing water dispensing units and taps that enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability for organisations of all sizes.

What are Billi UK’s biggest markets?

Commercial offices are our primary route to market. Integrated tap systems have become a standard in this environment, allowing the supply of boiling, chilled and sparkling water instantaneously, all from a single dispense point, reducing the need for multiple solutions and taking up very little space. We achieve this through several avenues, working with architects and designers at early stages, supporting contractors in the supply and installation of our products, and even distribution through a number of coffee and water partners.

Why join the WHA?

We became a member of the WHA for several compelling reasons. Primarily, we sought access to industry-specific standards and best practices concerning water hydration and dispensing. By adhering to these standards, we aim to enhance our operations, ensuring compliance, and maintaining the delivery of high-quality services.  It’s part of our commitment to customer service: we want to deliver premium after-sales care and product support to ensure enduring relationships with customers.

We also highly value the opportunity to connect with like-minded organisations within the WHA’s network, allowing us to forge valuable partnerships and collaborate on initiatives related to water, fostering mutual growth and progress.

 What do you bring to the WHA?

Driven by a passion for innovation, we want to actively contribute to the WHA’s research, and we are eager to be part of shaping the future of the industry, helping to advance knowledge and technology.

As a member of the WHA, we are committed to making a meaningful impact and continuously improving the water hydration and dispensing landscape.

What’s the future for Integrated Tap Systems?

Integrated Tap Systems are still new, it’s a growing market with huge amounts of opportunity. The commercial sector is continuously changing, new offices are being developed, and old ones are being refurbished. Every change of hands presents an opportunity for the installation of an ITS.

Businesses are also becoming more conscious of their eco friendly image, offering reusable bottles eliminates a huge proportion of single use plastic from the office. Equally they can promote employee wellbeing, ensuring staff are well hydrated with high quality drinking water, boosting team morale and promoting a return to the office.

Not to mention the residential scene, where new build houses are starting to offer an ITS as standard, just like the dishwasher! As a leading player in this market, we are excited to see the switch to a more sustainable alternative.

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