Taylor launches combi steamer with low-stress touchscreen

Joker is user-friendly, clear, intuitive and fast

If you’re not a techie, then working with hi-tech equipment can be stressful. In high pressure environments like a busy commercial kitchen, adding that extra layer of stress is even more of an issue.  Which is one of the reasons why Eloma’s latest MT Joker combi steamers, distributed by Taylor UK, feature a new type of touchscreen specially designed to be more user-friendly, clearer, more intuitive, and faster operating.  In a nutshell, it reduces stress.

To create the touchscreen Eloma researchers used, amongst other things, eyeball tracking glasses and stress measuring sensors.  They evaluated the way operators look at the screen and how accurately they were able to execute a task.  So, simultaneously, the level of stress was measured and eyeball movement tracked, for the specific tasks the operator was given, such as ‘turn on the oven’ or ‘change the time during a cooking process’, and so on.

“These tests gave the researchers objective information about how to design the touchscreen and its functions, to make it as easy to operate as possible,” says David Rees, marketing manager at Taylor UK.

Once the information gained had been analysed and implemented into the new Eloma touchscreens, a second set of tests were carried out to compare stress levels and search times with the previous version.

“These supplementary tests showed a significant reduction in stress and an increase in clear, intuitive operation,” says Rees.

The new touchscreen control panel is fitted to Eloma’s Joker MT combi steamers, which have multiple automatic cooking and baking programs allowing users to cook a comprehensive range of products, at the touch of the screen.  Also available is the Joker ST, which has a simpler touchscreen offering manual cooking and baking controls.