Making brain-freezing drinks that excite the taste buds

FEM introduces new Stoelting frozen beverage dispensers

Frozen drinks are all about big flavours. Customers want long icy drinks that aren’t watered down. For sites that rely on serving these brain-freezing delights, FEM has introduced two new frozen uncarbonated beverage dispensers from Stoelting. These are available in 30 and 57 litre countertop versions and are suitable for a wide assortment of beverages, including margaritas, slushes, smoothies, coffee drinks, and dairy-based products. They are the ideal choice for bars and restaurants looking for flexibility, more capacity, and simple operation in a compact footprint.

The sleek modern style and small footprint of the Stoelting frozen beverage dispensers make them suitable for front-of-house operation, saving valuable counter space. Built for high-capacity output they can accommodate 0.9 litre (32oz) jugs and can dispense 30 or 57 litres of frozen beverage per hour, depending on the model.

Built for ease of operation and cleaning, the frozen beverage dispensers have a push/pull self-closing handle and an Intellitec2 control with a lighted display for a simple two-button operation. An energy conservation mode (ECM) protects the product from over-agitation during slow or non-draw periods, while a hold cycle keeps barrels at a safe temperature during off-cycle periods. The mix level indicator illuminates when the product is low and it is time to refill.

Their easy-to-clean design helps maintain hygienic operation and ensures product freshness. A hopper with an independent refrigeration system maintains a safe storage temperature. The hopper is removable, making it quick and easy to clean regularly. Durable food-grade plastic blades provide extremely quiet operation and superior durability.

Both models have a freezing cylinder capacity of 7.57 litre, a hopper capacity of 18.9 litres and measure 406 (w) x 737 (d) x 826 (h) mm. The 30 litre model has a power rating of 1.2kw and the 57 litre model is rated at 2kw. Models are air-cooled as standard and have a one-year on-site parts and labour warranty.