Pimp up burger and basket meals

Utopia’s presentation papers create a trendy casual dining look

Old school ‘meals in a basket’ have been making a resurgence with a modern twist and a sharper serving style. Presentation papers are a quick and easy way to liven up a serve and create a trendy casual dining look. Utopia, the market leader in tableware and glassware for the hospitality industry, has extended its range of presentation papers for use with buckets, baskets and trays alike.

The premium 25.5 x 40cm burger papers with a two colour print on brown paper take a nod to 50’s Americana to add an authentic feel to burgers, fries, chilli dogs and more. Similarly, the smoke house diner paper takes a surf, turf and wings theme to extend the serving options further.

Harping back to the days when newspaper was used for wrapping, there are greaseproof “Catch of the Day” papers for an authentic newsprint look without the dodgy hygiene. Alternatively, red and blue checked wax liners suitable for afternoon tea settings as well as the ever-popular American diner round off the range.

Presentation papers also prevent the food coming into direct contact with the serving vessel, prolonging its life and making cleaning easier. They are great for wrapping cutlery as well. Utopia’s presentation papers are available in a variety of sizes and finishes to match up with the theme of the serve and the overall ambiance of the establishment.