Getting the gist of gelato with Taylor UK

Taylor teams up with highly regarded UK ice cream companies to launch new Gelato Academy

Taylor UK has teamed up with two of the UK’s best ice cream ingredient suppliers to launch Gelato Academy.  Its aim is to give operators a chance to learn about the equipment and ingredients you need to make the popular Italian dessert. Taylor distributes the market’s leading gelato equipment range, manufactured by Frigomat in Italy. Its partners are NIC Ice (trading in the UK as Marcantonio Waverley and Caterlink) and Antonelli.  NIC Ice and Antonelli both supply ice cream cones, ingredients and decorations as well as creating innovative and tasty flavours of gelato and ice cream.

Gelato shops are becoming increasingly common sights on Britain’s high streets. With less sugar and less fat than standard ice cream, gelato is a popular choice for consumers looking for a healthier treat. Alongside dedicated shops many businesses are looking for ways to add gelato to their existing menus, but it can be difficult to discover exactly what equipment and techniques you need in order to create and offer it.

Taylor, NIC Ice and Antonelli have created a UK wide network of demonstration kitchens. The six locations include Taylor’s own demonstration kitchens in Ipswich, East Kilbride and West London College, Hammersmith, along with Marcantonio’s kitchen in Barking, Caterlink’s in Bodmin, and Antonelli’s in Eccles.

At each Gelato Academy location visitors will be able to experience Frigomat’s pasteurisers and batch freezers, as well as a range of different recipes specially designed by Taylor’s in house expert gelato chef, Thomas Danks.

Gelato Academy will run courses aimed at explaining all the aspects of starting and building a successful gelato business and everything you need to know about making great gelato.  It is also aimed at those who want to add gelato to an already established business.

The courses cover everything from creating an exciting menu of unique flavours to explaining the equipment you’ll need to make, store and display top quality gelato. It’ll help you decide on the right batch freezer and pasteuriser for your needs, as well as looking at Taylor’s range of refrigerated display units, manufactured by ISA in Italy, which are designed specifically for storing gelato in perfect condition. Attendees will get the benefit of the expertise of Thomas and development chefs from Taylor’s partners, who are some of the oldest and best gelato ingredient companies in the UK.

“Ice cream and gelato are always popular, especially in summer,” says David Rees, marketing manager of Taylor UK. “The Gelato Academy combines expertise from the best in the industry to provide anyone interested in getting into the business with everything they need to know.”

The courses are free to attend. For more information about Gelato Academy and how to book your place, visit Taylor UK’s website,