Vacuum packing gets smart with the Orved Idea 32 Hi Line

Taylor UK supplying Orved’s flagship vacuum pack machine

Taylor UK is now supplying Idea Hi Line vacuum pack machines from Orved.

In recent years the growth in popularity of Sous Vide cooking has seen increasing demand for vacuum packaging equipment.  However, in addition to cooking, vacuum packing can be used to preserve food for longer, for example as part of a cook-chill system, as well as guaranteeing its hygiene and quality.

Fully featured and high powered, the Idea Hi Line is Orved’s flagship product in its range of vacuum packers. It has been designed to help store and preserve a variety of foods in the best condition and can perform several processes that aren’t possible at normal atmospheric pressures, such as tenderising meat.  It includes advanced features to make it easier than ever to take advantage of the benefits of vacuum packing for storing and processing food and liquids, and a more powerful pump than many competitor models. This allows it to work faster, create a more complete vacuum, and process greater quantities.

The Idea 32 Hi Line is a 415mm wide x 603mm deep x 460 mm high counter top unit, so it can be installed in locations with restricted space, allowing a greater range of businesses to take advantage of vacuum packing techniques.

The vacuum chamber is constructed from a non-welded, single piece of stainless steel that guarantees maximum strength while making it easy to clean. It’s covered by a blue tinted, high thickness Plexiglass lid that allows operators to see the food being processed. It can accommodate bags with a maximum size of 300 x 400 mm.

The Idea 32 Hi Line is available in two versions with digitally controlled pumps of different strengths, with a flow rate of either 10 or 12 cubic metres per hour. Custom programs can easily be created through the intuitive full-colour touchscreen, with every parameter able to be adjusted. However, the Hi Line also features specially designed smart programs that can be activated by a single push. As well as tenderising meat, these include programs for marination, infusing aromatics into liquids, preparing powders and spices, ice cream bases, pastry and sauces, and cleaning mussels and clams.  It also includes four programs specifically designed for processing jars.

It can use a modified atmosphere gas vacuum that allows delicate products such as fresh pasta, bakery or pastry goods and desserts to be packed without damage or breakage.

A calibration free absolute vacuum sensor shuts the machine down automatically when the desired vacuum is reached. An integrated 315mm sealing bar helps to reduce operator interaction to a minimum.